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C-Byte Whitepapers provide comprehensive information on our customer services, products and solutions. This section is updated regularly, so be sure to check in often.

  Application Advantage:
  bullet.gif  Oracle Applications Case Study
  bullet.gif  C-Byte/PeopleSoft/EMC - Architecting an Enterprise-Scale PeopleSoft Environment
  bullet.gif  A Pattern for Query Optimization
  bullet.gif  Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
  bullet.gif  Application Advantage Web E-Commerce Demonstration

  Customer Relationship Management:
  bullet.gif  Modeling Customer Relationships
Decision Advantage:
  bullet.gif  Decision Support System Methodology
  bullet.gif  The Decision-Driven Warehouse
  bullet.gif  Relationship Marketing: Maximize Customer Value, One Relationship at a Time
  bullet.gif  Retail Decision Support Solutions: Transitioning from "Managing Products to Managing Customers"
  bullet.gif  Retail Decision Support Solutions: Market Basket Analysis
  bullet.gif  Data Warehousing in the Telecommunications Industry
  bullet.gif  The Impact Of Customer Care In Telecommunications
  bullet.gif  Business Benefit Analysis: Targeting Information Technology with Business Benefit Analysis

  Data Center Solutions:
  bullet.gif  Business Issues and Fundamentals
  bullet.gif  C-Byte's Application Region Manager: Creating an Agile Computing Infrastructure Through Application Region Management
  bullet.gif  High Availability

  Network-centric Computing:
  bullet.gif  Network-centric Computing: The Future of Enterprise Computing Implemented on C-Byte's Architecture
Open Systems in Web-enabled Data Centers - Purchase Document
Symmetric Muli-Process:
  bullet.gif  The Requirements and Performance of Enterprise Computer Solutions: SMP, Clustered SMP, and MPP

  Database Management Systems:
  bullet.gif  Optimizing Oracle9i™ to exploit C-Byte's Architecture

  Systems Management
  bullet.gif  Integrating C-Byte's Systems Management with Tivoli


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