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Mainframe Migration Solutions

Minimize the Risk of Migrating to Open Systems
* Preserve the integrity of legacy data.
* Work through a single source from beginning to end.
* Assure predictability with firm delivery schedules.
* Depend on C-Byte to do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

Access More Enabling Technologies
* Select from more flexible and adaptable business application suites.
* Make better, faster decisions with a data warehouse.
* Share information quickly, easily, efficiently.
* Leverage a larger pool of technical experts.

Prepare for the Year 2000
* Address any Year 2000 issues as part of your migration strategy.

Migrate GCOS Applications — Fast!
* Translate GCOS COBOL to Open Systems COBOL automatically.
* Generate RDBMS schema for IDS2 or flat file data effortlessly.
* Maintain the original Bull sources—no retraining required.
* Transition without disrupting or re-educating users.

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