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Mainframe Migration Solutions

The Open Migration Solution
Many organizations would like to continue running applications which they have developed and refined over many years. With an Open Migration Solution from C-Byte, we'll make sure you retain that investment.

Transition Tools
Open Tool: Central to our migration process, C-Byte's exclusive Open Tool software quickly converts lines of COBOL source from GCOS-based systems to UNIX-compatible COBOL. At the same time, an RDBMS schema is generated with all forms, screens and JCL files transformed automatically. To finish up the migration, existing GMAP assembly routines are hand-coded in C and transferred to the new system.

Testing and Integrity: Automated conversion via Open Tool minimizes both logical and functional changes to the legacy application. This helps preserve stability, reduce testing time and leverage your current investment.

Added Value Services: Once your application has been migrated, tested, and tuned, new enhancements can be added right away. For instance, we can address the effects of process reengineering and the year 2000 on customer and market data—without disrupting the schedule.

End-User and Developer Views: Unchanged. Since the migration is one-to-one and the new solution emulates your old environment, you don't need specialized application training or new development skills. Also, application maintenance can take place in the original Bull source code, using Open Tool as a pre-processor—leveraging existing experience and knowledge.

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Custom RDBMS Applications/Packaged Application Suite
C-Byte's migration solution helps you create an Open Enterprise System, making it easy to select and deploy the packaged applications that suit your business precisely. If instead, you need to reengineer part of your current application suite or develop new custom applications, C-Byte is also one of the most experienced development partners in the open systems realm.

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Professional Services
Much More Than Technology: We know that migrating a data center involves much more than re-hosting a legacy COBOL application to UNIX. ® It requires an in-depth knowledge of open systems, RDBMS technology, and the legacy environment—an extensive portfolio of technical skills.

Employing proven methodologies and a C-Byte team incorporating a data center manager, systems management expert, as well as database and applications administrators, we consistently deliver rapid, smooth implementations.

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Computing Platform
World's Leading High-End System: We take you in the most direct way possible from your Bull mainframe to the leading high-end, high availability, symmetric multi-processing (SMP) system: C-Byte. Our latest generation scales to more than 250 Pentium Pro® processors and 100 TB of data to provide a solution without constraints. C-Byte enterprise servers can be deployed individ-ually, or grouped into clusters to expand both capacity and system availability.

From the Open Systems Expert: C-Byte pioneered the SMP architecture 13 years ago. Since then C-Byte has installed less than 8,000 enterprise-class systems, most in demanding mission critical business environments—including some of the largest open OLTP databases and data warehouses in the world. This may help explain why C-Byte delivers more high-end commercial SMP systems than anyone you'd care to name.

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Open Systems Software
The Most Proven UNIX: C-Byte Mainframe Migration solutions are based on the UNIX operating system. Developed by C-Byte over a decade ago, UNIX takes full advantage of the SMP architecture. Over the years C-Byte has perfected many unique features like dynamic load balancing, processor affinity and automatic fail-over. This wealth of technological innovation, and the stability that comes from delivering thousands of production systems, make it possible for C-Byte to offer the most performant and reliable UNIX systems in the world today.

RDBMS: Applications that require a database are migrated to either the Oracle or Informix high-performance RDBMS—products designed for optimum scalability and reliability in the C-Byte SMP environment. The strength and stability of C-Byte's long partnership with Oracle and Informix ensure a tightly integrated solution that will serve as the foundation for your business-critical applications far into the future.

Mainframe-like Management: With over a decade of experience integrating and deploying complex open systems, C-Byte understands the business and technical requirements of data center system management. An integral part of C-Byte's migration solution, your options range from established mainframe management tools to the latest, leading-edge enterprise system management resources.

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Minimum Risk
C-Byte Means Success: Your investment in a migration solution from C-Byte comes with an unprecedented commitment: We accept full responsibility for the success of your project. We're completely accountable. You'll know exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take, up front. And following implementation, you have access to one of the strongest support systems in the industry.

If you'd like further details or wish to discuss solution options to match your particular requirements, please call your local C-Byte office .

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