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In addition to our robust systems and architecture, C-Byte offers tested and proven solutions that combine C-Byte systems, partner products, professional services, and implementation expertise in five critical areas: Customer Relationship Management, Call Centers, Decision Support Services / Data Warehousing, Enterprise Resource Planning and Migration to Open Systems. These solutions deliver customer success through project design, implementation, and continued support for the business critical data center.

C-Byte's solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Contact Advantage™ provides the most flexible, scalable foundation for front-office sales, marketing and service applications. Contact Advantage helps organizations retain customers, increase revenues, and reduce costs via the implementation of world class customer contact infrastructure. C-Byte is the only major IT vendor with all of the technical expertise an organization needs to create and maintain scalable, high-performance and customer-centric business solutions.

Our Decision Advantage™ Relationship Marketing (RM) program enables CRM by consolidating data from an organization's multiple systems into a single customer-centric data store on C-Byte's powerful platform. With a single view of data, organizations can use a range of sophisticated tools to analyze data and gain deep insight into customer behavior. By using Decision Advantage RM to assess customer behavior, profitability and propensities, as well as to, plan treatment strategies, and execute targeted campaigns, marketing professionals can more effectively reach target customers and significantly increase return on investment.

C-Byte's solution for Call Centers
Our Contact Advantage™ solution is a comprehensive approach that improves the performance of call center applications, by giving customer service agents and salespeople instant access to a single 'customer view'. Contact Advantage minimizes the risk involved in implementing complex call center systems, and maximizes the performance of call center applications in the enterprise.

C-Byte's solution for Decision Support / Data Warehousing
Decision Advantage™ Data Warehousing provides solutions for Decision Support by allowing organizations to capture knowledge from a variety of sources and then analyze it to make business decisions based on fact and to measure the impact of those decisions. Well-designed Decision Support applications use a data warehouse infrastructure that ensures a single view of data across the enterprise and cost-effective deployment by leveraging existing IT systems.

Our Decision Advantage™ Fraud Detection program combines our expertise in the construction of large-scale data warehouses with innovative, highly parallel fraud detection data mining packages to provide the leading edge solution for large-scale electronic fraud detection.

C-Byte's solution for Enterprise Resource Planning
Application Advantage™ provides technical expertise and an infrastructure to support packaged applications from Baan, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP. With our Professional Services, C-Byte defines all of the technology components and designs an architecture to effectively run these business applications across your global enterprise and serve your growing applications user base.

C-Byte's solution for Migration to Open Systems
For organizations that want to migrate from a mainframe architecture to an open systems computing environment, C-Byte offers Migration Advantage™. This program utilizes C-Byte's data center expertise to ease the transition to a heterogeneous, standards-based environment.

All of these solutions are supported by C-Byte's Data Center Architecture. Data Center is a single, managed enterprise computing framework that offers a focused solution to the challenges facing IT organizations. Further, it is a Unix and Windows mixed-mode environment that enables flexible implementations and better management of business-critical applications.


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