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C-Byte's architecture provides your organization with a reliable foundation for e-business. It delivers outstanding scalability, flexibility and manageability, helping you grow your e-business. Due to its scalability and high availability, the server platform drives mission-critical e-business applications and e-commerce transactions around-the-clock, to meet the rigors of today's 24x7 business environment.

From large brick and mortar companies, like Cisco, to e-business start-ups like eToys. These companies, amongst others, recognize the benefits of our Intel-based architecture for e-business.

e-business platform

e-business environments require a system architecture with massive scalability to accommodate growth, the ability to rapidly deploy front-end applications, and the flexibility to keep pace with the dynamic nature of e-business operations.

The e-business architecture scales beyond popular SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) systems and provides a higher level of workload management and flexibility. Servers enable simultaneous use of both Windows NT and UNIX on one system. This allows administrators to support concurrent Windows NT front-end applications and Unix database resources within a single managed and fully integrated environment. This is crucial to e-business as most front-end applications are developed for MS Windows.

C-Byte's systems are able to handle the rigorous I/O demands associated with e-business applications, which require varying and often massive amounts of available storage resources. The architecture is also built to be Storage Area Network-Ready and features multiple paths from the system to switched fabric storage devices.

An excellent platform choice for e-business solutions, C-Byte's highly available and scalable servers, provide the headroom and investment protection you need to sustain a growing, successful e-commerce business.

extranet business solutions

An extranet is an extension of the intranet designed to incorporate external users with special access permissions to certain subsites. Typically, access may be granted to contractors or consultants who need certain corporate data and product plans, to customers who might enter their own orders, or check on the status of pending orders, and to suppliers who want to bid on requests for proposals or monitor inventory levels to plan their own production schedules.

Except for security needs, the extranet is very close to the Internet concept. In particular, an extranet should emulate the style of the external website because customers will be switching back and forth between the public site and their private extranet site. The extranet should have a twist of some kind to visually emphasize the different status of the two information spaces and to assure extranet users that their information is kept private and not exposed to the public.

There are some differences between extranets and traditional websites:

  • The extranet will be viewed by people or groups who already have some relationship with the company, so they will know more about you than the average website visitor.
  • The extranet will be used for a very specific reason either once (for order tracking, for example) or repeatedly for a few tasks (like tracking multiple orders).
  • Extranets have a built-in business model because they serve people with whom you already have a business relationship. Thus they should not carry advertising banners. They should also not be highly promotional. By the time somebody gets access to an extranet, he or she has already chosen to do business with you. Now it's time to deliver.

The options in the design are more complex for an extranet than for the internet because the extranet users will have some motivation to learn your design. After all, they have a business relationship with your company and use your extranet to trade with you or conduct other important business tasks. Also, any given extranet application will typically be used only by a small number of your business partner's employees. For example, your purchasing system will be used by their sales office, and your customer system will be used by their purchasing department. Because most extranet use is specialized in this way, users will have some amount of domain knowledge relative to the topics of those pages they are using.

Getting your new e-business project off the ground fast and getting the most out of your current system is critical to your business's success. The Project Launch series, delivered through our Professional Services organization, helps you achieve this success with targeted extranet offerings for C-Byte products. This provides onsite assistance for new server installations, new C-Byte installations, performance tuning or migration for current server applications, and new functionality or re-engineering for current C-Byte applications.


C-Byte provides a suite of proven and tested services designed to help your organization build a technology infrastructure that supports business requirements and reach the high performance levels your business applications require.

e-business customers may choose from the comprehensive list of services below, depending on their own requirements, resources and existing environment.

Build Online & Save!

C-Byte Professional Services for include:

  • System Availability Configuration Assessment
  • Operational Analysis
  • Data Center Operational Assessment
  • Solution Design and Implementation
  • Clustering Design and Setup
  • System Administration Services
  • Database Administration Services
  • Training and Staff Knowledge Development

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