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The marketplace has witnessed spectacular crashes and the financial impact of these extended outages—i.e. the millions, or even billions, of dollars in lost revenues and future sales. While hosting services with massive server farms are addressing the availability of the Web services, back-end servers, which actually execute your e-business transactions, are becoming the weak-link in keeping your organization open for business around-the-clock.

The C-Byte e-business Availability Impact Calculator is a simple tool to help you understand the possible economic impact of a system outage to your company, should your systems prevent your business from being on-line or functioning.

Results of the assessment and the impact to business can be quite surprising. C-Byte has an e-business high availability solution that will ensure your systems stay up and running at all times.

e-business Availability Impact Calculator
Data Input
What are your company's annual revenues?
  $5-10 Million $10-50 Million
$50-100 Million $100-200 Million
$200-500 Million
Enter actual revenues in millions
What are your company's hours of business?
Check the box that best estimates your company's operations on a daily, weekly and seasonality basis—e.g. if you were an online snow skiing shop with almost all of your revenues occurring in a 6 month window during waking hours every day of the week, you would select waking hours of each day, every day of each week and moderate seasonality.
Every hour of each day Waking hours of each day
Business hours of each day

Every day of each week Work week

Every week of the year Minor seasonality
Moderate seasonality Severe seasonality

Scroll down to see the results
Estimated Impact to Actual Revenues (see description below)
Impact per minute
Impact per hour
Impact per day
Estimated Impact to Future Revenues & Market Valuation (see description below)
Impact per minute
Impact per hour
Impact per day
Results Description
Estimated Impact to Actual Revenues
To provide you with an estimated impact, several assumptions have been made:
  • Impact assumes that the outage occurs during the hours of business selected above
  • Outage prevents all revenue-based transactions from occurring
  • Revenues prevented from occurring during the outage are lost (e.g. the customer went to another site to buy their skis)
  • If you selected a range of revenue (versus entering an exact amount) the number used is the mid-point of the range
Estimated Impact to Future Revenues & Market Valuation
To estimate the total impact, i.e. the long-term impact to your company, you need to take a few more variables into consideration. In fact, beyond the immediate financial impact, the scope of the damages can be quantified through several other factors. Internet downtime also compromises direct revenue/customer base, branding efforts, compensatory payments, inventory cost and depreciation of capital. It also affects business in ways that are not seen on the balance sheet, such as market capitalization loss, employee downtime and delays to market. These negative effects may prove more financially damaging than the explicit losses associated with an outage.

For an e-business the impact to your company is best estimated by the market's current sensitivity to revenues as calculated by dividing market capitalization by revenues. In the calculation above, we have provided an average revenue sensitivity multiplier using the Dow Jones Internet Index for e-commerce companies. We have used the average determined from 15 Dow Jones Internet Index companies, however, you may also input a multiplier based on your understanding of the market's sensitivity to your revenue stream.

Next Steps

Now that you realize the costs and impact of system downtime to your business, contact us now using the form below to schedule a quick and comprehensive analysis of your organization's availability readiness. C-Byte's e-business high availability solution assures the right levels of uptime for the hardware systems that support the demanding requirements of your e-business.


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