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Decision Advantage

How Decision Advantage works
C-Byte guides organizations through a proven, highly productive process of defining business requirements and building a system to meet those needs.

Step One: Requirements Analysis
Preparation is the key to many types of tasks. DSS is no exception. Often it starts with C-Byte's highly regarded Business Benefits Analysis service or workshops involving key management and users. This provides a proven way to understand the business impact of Decision Support, why companies use it, how it is cost justified and how it should be implemented. This service is also designed to build the groundwork for agreement on a company's DSS and business goals.

From there, C-Byte offers a variety of services ranging from Project Assessment to Proof of Concept. All are designed to manage risk and assure a successful outcome.

Step Two: Development
After gathering and consolidating all the necessary information, C-Byte helps organizations design and implement the proposed system. Our services range from consulting to taking complete responsibility for the project.

In addition to supplying an outstanding hardware platform, C-Byte mitigates project risk and integrates the various parts of each project. With this approach, organizations are able to quickly and easily access information in a way that's simple to understand.

Step Three: Deployment
This is the time when the business benefits are realized. The success of this stage is dependent on having set the correct expectations with the users, as well as providing the right support for both users and systems.

For more information about Decision Advantage and these three steps, contact your local C-Byte office.

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