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Decision Advantage

The proven path to DSS: C-Byte Decision Advantage

Talented professionals with unrivaled experience
With an installed base of more than 10,000 systems, C-Byte has focused on delivering high-end open systems for more than a decade, and has implemented some of the largest multi-terabyte data warehouses in the world. Our innovative architecture is widely recognized as providing a breakthrough in DSS performance. C-Byte implementations are award winning, and our consultants are published authors and internationally recognized experts on decision support systems.

Proven processes
C-Byte's complete portfolio includes a variety of processes—from design through to implementation—to help organizations decide on the DSS architecture they will need and create support for the DSS initiative from everyone in the organization. C-Byte has refined our DSS design and implementation process over the years and developed a "best practices" approach for managing risk and consistently delivering a high quality, high value business solution.

The award-winning Decision Advantage methodology is well respected in the industry and reflects an integrated approach to user involvement, encompassing the human factors as well as technology and processes. Unlike typical industry consulting practices, we openly share our experience and transfer our skills to our clients and key partners. C-Byte understands the value of knowledge transfer, allowing customers' systems to flourish in the real world of day-to-day business activity.

Outstanding software partners
Using an impartial perspective, C-Byte has established a set of partnerships with the industry's best-in-class software vendors of OLAP, database, query and reporting, campaign management, segmentation and modeling tools and applications. Every Decision Advantage solution is designed according to an organization's specific needs. If called upon, C-Byte works with the project team to select and recommend software and applications based on what's right for the business.

Leading edge platform and solutions
C-Byte systems deliver the capacity, manageability, scalability and performance that demanding data warehousing solutions require. And with C-Byte's architecture, organizations are able to future-proof their IT investment. If an organization's business markets or needs change, C-Byte systems allow IT to adapt accordingly.

C-Byte's Data Centers use technology so that systems can easily be expanded to meet growing data and user volumes, and the latest Intel processors so that either Unix or Windows can be deployed to meet applications requirements.

Combined with the right design and software, C-Byte's architecture can support everything from departmental data marts to the largest data warehouses in the world.

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