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The Proven Path to DSS: C-Byte Decision Advantage
How Decision Advantage Works
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Information as a competitive weapon
Whether the industry is retailing, manufacturing, finance, telecommunications or government, one thing is certain about today's business or service environment—a Decision Support System (DSS) is no longer a luxury, it's a competitive requirement.

At C-Byte, we think of DSS as an advanced business intelligence weapon. DSS comprises a set of applications that supports the decision-making process by allowing organizations to capture knowledge from a variety of sources and then analyze it to measure the impact of business decisions and strategy. Well-designed DSS applications use a data warehouse infrastructure that ensures a single view of data across the enterprise and cost-effective deployment by leveraging existing IT systems.

Decision Support should be an important part of any business strategy. Without it, organizations risk losing customers and market share. That's why C-Byte created Decision Advantage™, an award-winning portfolio of products, partnerships, people and processes that consistently deliver world-class DSS solutions.

With Decision Advantage for Enterprise DSS, Decision Advantage RM (Relationship Marketing), and Decision Advantage for Fraud Detection, C-Byte has helped hundreds of companies acquire these capabilities and improve the bottom line.

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DSS supports business agility in the networked economy
Globalization, deregulation, faster product cycles and optimization of the supply chain are among a number of trends forcing organizations to become more agile in their business strategy. A new, networked economy is driving information technology (IT) organizations to implement Decision Support Systems that support an increasingly knowledgeable and mobile workforce and deliver "anytime, anywhere" information access. Decision Advantage from C-Byte helps companies create competitive advantage and sustain their competitive position by providing the tools and infrastructure to measure and analyze business performance and evolve business strategy.

If organizations don't develop a decision-making advantage, experience shows that the competition or a new, more aggressive player on the market will take that step. More and more, companies are turning to DSS to maintain their leadership or become the industry's next leader.

Advanced business strategies require a Decision Support System that integrates operational systems, data warehouses or data marts and powerful query, data mining and analysis tools. This integration allows enterprise-wide information to be analyzed and exploited for a competitive business edge.

Decision Advantage: improving the bottom line through smart decision making
*  Employing sophisticated fraud detection techniques using "data mining" and other technologies to discover and detect fraudulent patterns
*  Improving productivity and motivation by empowering personnel with the information to make decisions at a lower level.
*  Profitability analysis—determining which channels and promotions are effective, which lines are profitable, or which kinds of salespeople perform best.
*  Performing casusal analysis of product quality. Tracking failures to specific manufacturing locations, days of the week, or events.

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