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At C-Byte, Our Business is Your Success
The Advantages of a Workshop-Based Method
C-Byte's Workshop Framework: A Flexible DSS Approach
C-Byte: People with the Right Skills for Success
Delivering Results
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At C-Byte, Our Business is Your Success
Building a Decision Support System (DSS) may well be one of the most important business moves that a company makes. A Decision Support System can deliver tangible competitive advantages by enabling a company to make better decisions faster than its competitors.

A Decision Support System that provides meaningful data upon which business- critical decisions can be made is an attainable goal. While implementing a Decision Support System can offer excellent rewards, an incorrect approach can have serious repercussions. The key to achieving success is the planning and implementation process employed. That's why more corporations worldwide rely on C-Byte than on any other company when it comes to enterprise-wide, open DSS. C-Byte has created a way to deliver a Decision Support System that is uniquely tailored to you, the customer. In this process, C-Byte professionals guide companies through their information requirements and delivery needs, step by step, toward a successful implementation.

Decision Advantage encompasses a complete portfolio of software, hardware, services and partners that C-Byte uses to create DSS and Data Warehousing solutions.

C-Byte's service offerings are divided into three key areas:
* Exploration. In this phase, the project team goes about understanding the business and technical issues while the business teams explore the possibilities that DSS offers.
* Development. This step focuses on designing and implementing the most appropriate solution.
* Deployment. This is the time that the business benefits are realized. The success of this is dependent upon the right support for users as well as the operational support of the systems.

Decision Advantage Services
C-Byte makes good on its commitment to successfully deliver Decision Support Solutions by:
* Hiring and partnering with the best DSS consultants in the industry.
* Developing an innovative approach that uses both interviews and workshops to deliver DSS.
* Employing a proven DSS methodology based on years of experience.
* Making your success our business.

This document describes how C-Byte's workshop methodology can enhance project development and provide a faster, safer route to overall success.

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Why Run Workshops? The Advantages of a Workshop-based Method
C-Byte's decision support methodology differentiates itself from our competitors by:
* Emphatic focus on identifying and addressing your business issues.
* Employing a unique combination of both interviews and workshops in gathering information and driving the DSS development cycle forward.

While other vendors focus on either database design or the tools with which users will access the data, C-Byte focuses first on its customer's business — the people and the decisions they must make to meet corporate objectives.

C-Byte also differentiates itself by recommending a unique workshop approach to enhance the business requirements discovery. This approach contrasts with the conventional one-on-one interviews, from which the analyst draws conclusions and produces a report.

C-Byte has found that by using workshops, the development of DSS projects is faster, there is better ownership and linkage, more enthusiasm, and, therefore, results are produced more quickly.

* Fast Planning. Moving quickly is essential when a company implements a DSS because business requirements change rapidly. Slow progress is not only frustrating to senior managers, but also potentially dangerous. In a dynamic organization, a "snapshot" that is several months old may no longer be valid.
* Ownership. A successful DSS implementation requires that business people own and drive the project. Otherwise, usage of the resulting system will inevitably be low. The isolated interview process of conventional analysis does little to promote real ownership.
* Enthusiasm. Intellectual commitment is one ingredient of a meaningful DSS implementation, but the bedrock of true success is the active participation of users throughout the organization. Enthusiasm runs highest if it is sparked at the outset by involving individuals in the project and creating a team spirit across departments.
* Correct Linkage. Linking available technology appropriately to business requirements, internal processes and existing infrastructure is imperative. C-Byte DSS consultants take a unique business-led approach that builds a bridge between the company's need for a technological solution and users' needs for a system that is easy to use.
* Quick Results. C-Byte's approach gets to the heart of the business rapidly, highlighting the issues and presenting focused, usable solutions. By segmenting the corporate "problem elephant" into bite-sized chunks, C-Byte delivers workable solutions that offer a return on a company's investment within just a few months.

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