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Decision Advantage

Data Integration from Internal and External Sources
To ensure the data warehouse draws information from all relevant sources, we construct a robust data integration process to collect and integrate data from many internal and external sources. Advanced data cleansing and hygiene processes merge, purge, clean, de-dupe, transform, and group internal data and facilitate integration of syndicated data (geographic, demographic, psychographic and credit) from external sources.

With a solid data warehouse and integration process in place, an organization begins to realize significant business benefits. Suddenly, it can build a composite picture of each market segment and the relationship each customer has with the organization at every level. Adding, dropping and refreshing customer data becomes straightforward—not the laborious reprogramming effort inherent with older proprietary systems.

Data Exploration and Statistical Modeling
The next step is to integrate data exploration and statistical modeling tools from C-Byte's industry-leading partners or other preferred suppliers. In this phase, C-Byte integration experts adapt the warehouse to support the unique requirements of this class of tools, either with extensions to the warehouse design or creation of a separate mart to accommodate the particular needs of the analytical modeling and scoring process.

The efficiency of this environment allows analysts to spend less time gathering and scoring data, and more time conducting in-depth analysis. As a result, organizations can unearth hidden customer affinities and devise actionable strategies to connect with the most granular market segments—right down to the individual customer.

Campaign and Customer Management
Finally, we help companies select and integrate campaign and customer management software to help them plot treatment strategies, manage multiple concurrent campaign streams, generate mailing and telemarketing lists, and analyze the effectiveness of initiatives. Whether it involves software from a C-Byte partner or other source, we take the responsibility for testing and fitting the chosen tool and adding it to the organization's marketing management cycle.

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Example: Insurance
In the shift to direct sales, one of the largest and best known insurers in the United Kingdom experienced decreasing customer retention in an increasingly price-driven market. The company needed technology that would allow it to analyze its customer relationships across 26 product lines and tailor campaigns to the most profitable segments.

insurance graphic Solution
C-Byte constructed a Decision Advantage RM data warehouse that integrates data from disparate product systems and external sources, and allows marketing professionals to target individual customers with the right offer at the right time. The solution has resulted in a substantial increase in the cross-selling and up-selling of insurance products and has increased customer retention.

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