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Decision Advantage

A Proven Path to Dramatic Results
In as little as 6 months, C-Byte can develop and deliver a Decision Advantage RM solution that provides a cohesive view of integrated customer data drawn from both internal and external sources. Intuitive interfaces empower an organization to manage millions of customers while analyzing and modeling customer behavior at any level—down to the individual, if desired.

Armed with a segmented view of customer attributes, an organization can develop treatment strategies to improve customer satisfaction or devise highly targeted marketing programs that consistently achieve significantly higher response rates—as much as ten times higher than the typical 3 to 5 percent. Then, by collecting and integrating results into the data warehouse, the organization can develop and refine strategies that better reflect demonstrated customer behavior, values and preferences.

banking graphic Example: Banking
In an effort to increase customer retention and profitability, one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom is transitioning to a customer-centric organization. In the process, the company discovered its product-centric information systems actually prevented accurate customer profiling—leading to campaigns that achieved low response rates.

A C-Byte Decision Advantage RM solution enables marketing to develop measurable profitability goals and conduct lower-cost, highly targeted promotional campaigns that achieve better response rates and increase customer satisfaction. The company estimates the return on investment will exceed $50 million per year due to increased customer retention, recruitment, and credit card usage and improvements in product development and risk management.

Example: Telecommunications
A large telecommunications cooperative launched a Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) service that quickly grew to more than 800,000 subscribers. Unfortunately, the organization lacked the IT infrastructure to analyze subscriber purchases, local sales rates, sales promotion effectiveness, or channel member performance against business goals.

telecom graphicSolution
A C-Byte Decision Advantage RM solution led to a significant increase in promotional effectiveness by profiling subscriber behavior and developing highly targeted marketing programs for each segment. The solution also helped the company recognize that by extending the payment period for certain subscribers, its disconnect rate would be sharply reduced and revenue increased.

The Decision Advantage RM Solution
C-Byte's Decision Advantage RM solution consists of four critical components that provide an integrated view of customer behavior and provide the foundation for developing new strategies, products, services and treatments aimed at increasing customer profitability. When combined with C-Byte Contact Advantage™—a solution for optimizing each customer interaction through the call center, Web site, personal contact, and elsewhere—an organization establishes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework for managing the entire customer lifecycle.

Customer-Focused Data Warehouse
The foundation for a Decision Advantage RM solution is the data warehouse that stores detailed information about customer attributes, purchasing history, response to promotions, and other interactions with any part of the organization. The process of constructing a customer-focused data warehouse leverages C-Byte's unrivaled ability to thoroughly understand the business and technology requirements and architect the right solution.

We start by creating a detailed design of the logical and physical warehouse architecture and validating the approach with business and IS users. Then our expert service professionals quickly implement and fine-tune the data warehouse to deliver the highest quality data to marketing analysts, relationship managers, marketing executives, and others.

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