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DA relationship marketing
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The Decision Advantage RM Solution
Requirements for a Successful Relationship Marketing Project
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In the shift from a product- to customer-focused organization, success is based on the ability to identify, acquire, retain and grow the most profitable customers. Unfortunately, most information systems have not kept pace with these rapidly changing business requirements.

Many organizations recognize that maximizing the value of each customer relationship is the key to their long-term viability. However, as a leading industry analyst recently noted, "Companies that want to become customer focused are often held back by the state of their information systems."*

Such organizations often collect a vast amount of customer data from separate production and billing systems supporting individual product lines, functional groups, and geographic locations. They may even have data marts and warehouses that provide discrete views of these data sources. But they find it impractical—if not impossible—to transform all that data into a comprehensive customer view that helps focus investment on those with the most potential.

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The challenge is to identify and deploy technology that helps:
  Integrate the organization's cumulative knowledge of its customers and model their behavior.
  Develop and plan actionable treatment strategies suitable for each customer or prospect.
  Support dynamic, event-driven marketing based on real-time customer interaction.
  Track responses, integrate new customer attributes, and measure the return on investment for each initiative.
  Evaluate and refine the customer relationship, marketing strategy and tactics to improve results in subsequent interactions.

Forward-thinking organizations are meeting this challenge with a Decision Advantage? Relationship Marketing (RM) solution from C-Byte. Decision Advantage RM serves as the decision support foundation for the business processes and infrastructure that comprise any successful relationship marketing environment.

*Source: "How to Architect a Customer Relationship Management Solution", Wayne Eckerson, Patricia Seybold Group, November 19, 1997.

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