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Proof of Concept
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Success Through
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An Approach
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Implementing a Decision Support System (DSS) can be an immensely rewarding initiative. By putting information within quick and easy reach of knowledge workers, a DSS helps a company or government body better understand its customers, enhance productivity, reduce costs and make decisions that respond directly to market needs.

Even after considerable discussion about DSS, it may be difficult for business executives to visualize how their system would work and how it would benefit their particular organization. Also, in light of the rapid advances in DSS technology, managers need to know that new, powerful, leading-edge tools can be integrated successfully and implemented with minimal risk.

Today, there's an effective way for senior managers to appraise the true value of a DSS implementation before embarking on a full-scale DSS project. C-Byte's Decision Advantage™ Proof of Concept Service creates a customized working prototype of a DSS application that clearly demonstrates, in a tangible way, the specific business advantages that a DSS solution will deliver.

Success through Understanding
A Decision Advantage Proof of Concept project is the ideal way to foster a clear understanding of the power of a DSS application and minimize the business and technical risks of a full-scale implementation. By project completion, clients can expect to:
See a demonstration of a decision support application using their sample data
Identify a business case supporting full-scale DSS implementation
Generate buy-in and develop the team-building that results from the active participation of users and project sponsors
Understand what technology they should use and what implementation process they should follow
Gain practical experience working "shoulder-to-shoulder" in an integrated team
Quantify the benefits of a DSS, thus creating greater enthusiasm for using the full-scale implementation in the future
Understand what core skills are required to implement and maintain a DSS

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Decision Support System Deployment

Benefits Tailored to the Client
The DSS application developed during the Proof of Concept Service is tailored to the unique needs of each client. This benefits clients in the following ways:

Uses a limited but useful set of actual client data (or similar data) to ensure relevance and demonstrate specific business advantages that will be gained with a full-scale system
Brings client-specific issues and concerns to the forefront early on
Suggests opportunities for improved profitability and increased return on investment

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An Approach Built on Experience
C-Byte's Proof of Concept Service is delivered by highly trained consultants experienced in all aspects of DSS design and implementation. C-Byte consultants focus on the business benefits of DSS at all times, using appropriate tools and techniques to define user requirements and to design and build the demonstration system.

To ensure that the demonstration system is appropriately focused, C-Byte consultants reach agreement with the client in advance on a clearly defined and manageable scope. Typically, the project uses only one data source and involves a small subset of the user community.

At the client's request, C-Byte provides a complete DSS Proof of Concept package, which includes the hardware/ software platforms, database and tools licenses, at either the customer's location or a C-Byte Data Center.

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Recommended Client Resources
Staff. Staffing the project team with personnel from both C-Byte and the client is key to the success of the Proof of Concept. C-Byte consultants work alongside internal IT staff and representative users in an integrated team that can present the correct business requirements.
Executive Sponsor. A business executive should be designated as the project's sponsor. This person will provide high-level guidance to help resolve obstacles that impede progress and act as a liaison for the project to the highest levels of the organization.
Data. C-Byte recommends that clients use meaningful data for loading into the demonstration DSS. The data set does not have to be large, but it does have to have business relevance. The client should assign facilities and staff to identify and extract this data.
Hardware and Software. PCs, a server, database software and DSS tools are required. C-Byte can facilitate providing these as appropriate.
Senior Management. The executive team needs to allocate time for a presentation of the demonstration system, which represents the final stage of the Proof of Concept project.

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Table A
*The duration of a client's Proof of Concept project will depend on the level of staff involvement, the scope of the project, the quantity, quality and accessibility of the data and the complexity of the application.

Next Steps
Once the demonstration system has been successfully presented to the executive team, the next step is to develop a production DSS. C-Byte's Decision Advantage Assessment and Implementation Services provide a proven approach for delivering a business-oriented Decision Support System that is specifically tuned to business needs and objectives.

By taking advantage of our Proof of Concept Service, you'll not only demonstrate the benefits of a decision support system, but also minimize the risk associated with implementing a full system.

Call us about developing a Proof of Concept for your company. Let us demonstrate what DSS can do for you.

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