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Discovery Day
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A Flexible Approach That Works for You
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Implementing a Decision Support System (DSS) can be an extremely beneficial business move. When you make information available directly to knowledge workers, your company can better understand its customers, empower its people to be more productive, minimize costs and enable effective decision-making that respond directly to your business and market needs.

However, if the requisite skills, tools, processes and technologies for a DSS initiative aren't familiar to your organization, they may become obstacles in the path of success. To fully exploit the benefits of a DSS, your business users and IT staff must be able to assimilate the knowledge required to design, build and use this powerful decision-making tool. Success also depends on gaining corporate-wide consensus on objectives and the best way to achieve them.

C-Byte's Decision Advantage™ Discovery Day service offers a low-risk and efficient way for your key management and IT people to explore the objectives, benefits, tools and processes of developing a DSS. This one-day workshop borrows from the tools and techniques used in a full-scale DSS project to familiarize you with DSS benefits and technology. We'll also show you how to leverage the experience of other companies in your industry that have achieved successful DSS implementations. In a forum moderated by our expert facilitators, you'll have an opportunity to develop strategies that address the particular needs of your organization and lay the groundwork for agreement on your goals. By the end of this workshop, you'll know whether a DSS is a sound investment for you, and you'll have an action plan tuned to your unique business requirements and challenges.

Success through Understanding
C-Byte's Discovery Day service is facilitated by our senior consultants, who have expertise in all aspects of DSS design and implementation. Structured as an intensive workshop, this service can be tailored to your specific needs. To provide your business users and IT staff with the most comprehensive exercise possible, we designed our Discovery Day approach to strike an effective balance in content:

A presentation of business and technology concepts
An overview of best-practices techniques and state-of-the-art tools
Moderated discussions among your staff members to help them explore the relevance and application of DSS in your business environment

Depending upon your preferences, Discovery Day content can be geared more toward a technology or business focus to address the interests and the needs of participants. For instance, if the audience is marketing executives and/or business managers, we can take a more business-oriented approach to discovery. If your attendees are primarily IT managers, we can emphasize the capabilities of DSS technology. This flexibility ensures that participants realize the greatest value possible from our services.

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Decision Support System Deployment

Benefits Tailored to the Client
C-Byte's Decision Advantage Discovery Day is an easy and cost-effective way to determine whether a DSS initiative is in your best interests. The workshop offers the following benefits:

Effective use of time. We optimize the time your staff spends in the workshop by tailoring our high-level briefings to your needs. Our full spectrum of expertise is available throughout the day.
Consensus building. Our expert facilitators have the skills and broad industry perspective to help you agree on the benefits and approach to implementing DSS within your company.
Expertise. Our mission is to enhance your knowledge of best-practices techniques and state-of-the-art tools in ways that can help you realize a significant competitive advantage.
An impartial view. At C-Byte, we don't develop databases, middleware, client tools or data management tools. Instead, we help you exploit our practical experience with the tools provided by key vendors in the DSS market.
Minimal risk. This low-risk environment is specifically designed to help you explore the techniques used to define DSS requirements and successfully deliver a DSS solution.

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An Approach Built on Experience
The Discovery Day workshop balances exploration with tangible results. This full day of structured discussion, notes and briefings will deliver the background information you need on:

Industry trends, application areas for DSS and DSS case studies
A review of your business issues and needs
Understanding of key DSS and data warehousing concepts
The benefits you can expect to achieve with a DSS
A development approach
An overview of the risks that a DSS poses for your company, the potential pitfalls of a DSS implementation, and strategies to mitigate both based on actual industry experience
An action plan that outlines how to proceed

Recommended Client Resources
Staff and attendees. For best results, we suggest that you involve a cross-section of users and managers from business and IT areas, representing a variety of functions within your company. The attendee mix can be flexible, however, because these sessions are exploratory. Unlike embarking on a formal DSS project, Discovery Day can be used for exploration and education of a subset of the constituency that might typically need to be involved. Discovery Day is significantly more effective if attendees can participate in pre-workshop briefings. These meetings typically are conducted on an individual basis and last an hour.

Staff and information sources. To optimize Discovery Day, it may be worthwhile for the C-Byte team to consolidate information about your current business initiatives and systems. This preparation often involves conducting a brief survey of current systems with IT personnel who may not be targeted to attend the workshop.

Location. The productivity of Discovery Day is enhanced if it is conducted off-site, away from day-to-day distractions and in neutral territory.

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Next Steps
Call C-Byte to schedule a low-risk Decision Advantage Discovery Day workshop. Let us help you discover the objectives, benefits, tools and processes of developing a successful DSS at your company.

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