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Decision Advantage™ The Proven Path to DSS Implementation
Service Offerings
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Today, companies in every industry are discovering that building a Decision Support System is the only way to establish and sustain true competitive advantage in the years ahead. However, creating a successful DSS system — one that delivers meaningful information when business-critical decisions need to be made — can be difficult and unnecessarily expensive if attempted alone.

The key to implementing DSS successfully is to choose an experienced partner. And no one is more experienced in large-scale open systems DSS than C-Byte. Our company is the world's leading architect of enterprise-wide open computing environments, including more high-end decision support systems than anyone else.

All of which means that if you start with C-Byte, you can count on a smooth, productive implementation process and a very successful outcome.

Decision Advantage™
The proven path to DSS Implementation

Over the years, we've carefully developed and refined our DSS implementation process. The result is a portfolio of systems and services that we call Decision Advantage™.

We recognize that there are three key steps
in any DSS project:
Exploration— understanding the business and technology issues
Development— building a solution which provides users with the right tools and systems to extract value from data
Deployment— providing the right support for users, as well as the operation of the systems so as to realize business benefits.

Each of these steps is crucial to overall project success. That's why our process begins by focusing on your business requirements — making sure your investment in technology ties directly to the achievement of business goals — before moving on to database design, applications and user interfaces.

Throughout the process, we offer a variety of recommended and optional Decision Advantage Services to help you identify the goals and calculate the business benefit of your DSS system. Which service or approach we take depends on your unique needs.

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Service Offerings
An array of services designed to take the risk out of DSS projects and accelerate their success

Put our Service Offerings to work for you.
By taking advantage of our services, you'll be able to mitigate project risk, develop buy-in for DSS throughout your organization, and know that your system will meet your company's needs in the real, day-to-day business world. C-Byte offers the following portfolio of DSS services, from which we customize the optimal approach for each customer's unique needs.

Decision Advantage Discovery Day
Familiarize yourself and your management team with the objectives, benefits, tools and process of building a Decision Support System in this intensive workshop tailored to your specific needs. Learn how successful DSS systems have been implemented by companies in your industry.

Our Discovery Day service lets you bring your key management and IT people together to discuss your business requirements and challenges in a forum moderated by our expert facilitators. You'll build the groundwork for agreement on your organization's goals. You'll also look at the potential pitfalls to be avoided in your DSS implementation, and develop strategies based on real experience in order to eliminate or minimize them.

At the end of the session you'll walk away with an action plan, knowing whether a DSS initiative is the right investment for you and precisely how to proceed.

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Decision Advantage Proof of Concept
Your company may opt to prove DSS technology and benefits before you invest the time and money in a full-scale implementation. If so, C-Byte has a service to meet your needs.

Our Proof of Concept service allows you to see exactly how a DSS system works and how it would benefit your organization. This service can be invaluable for enabling people inside your enterprise to understand what decision support can do for them in a concrete, hands-on way. It also offers a controlled environment to test and gain familiarity with new software tools.

C-Byte will help you identify a user group that would get the most value out of an initial implementation, then design and build a demonstration model either at your facility or ours — using real data if possible. This service can be accomplished in just a few weeks, and the benefits can be dramatic.

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Decision Advantage Business
Benefit Analysis

Building a Decision Support System can have many benefits, and it's important for your organization to understand all of them when considering DSS. Although some of the benefits are difficult to quantify using traditional cost justification methods, proven procedures have been developed for measuring their value to your business.

This service helps you calculate the return on investment and clearly state the business case for your DSS program, including the financial impacts of access to better information. You'll look at factors ranging from cost savings to opportunities for incremental revenues and competitive advantage.

A quick but thorough exercise, this service will help you realistically assess the costs of your DSS project and build executive buy-in.

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Decision Advantage Assessment
C-Byte's Assessment service is a valuable fact-finding and planning activity for companies committed to a DSS program. Using a combination of interviews and workshops, we help develop an informed analysis of an organization's current informational state, identify the organization's specific requirements for a DSS system, and develop a realistic design and implementation plan.

This in-depth analysis documents the strategic and business requirements of the company, the projected return on investment, readiness of the current infrastructure to support DSS, availability of source data, a realistic evaluation of any risks involved, and a thorough description of the architecture required to ensure success.

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Decision Advantage Implementation
Our Implementation service has been termed the fastest and safest route in the industry to a fully functional data warehouse and query/analysis capability. It is designed to take you through all phases of the development process in as short a time as due diligence permits. Beginning with analysis of your business requirements, you'll proceed through an iterative process of design, implementation and deployment.

the ThinkerThe result is a flexible, scalable solution tailored to suit the goals, processes and practices of your enterprise. Our iterative, incremental approach allows you to realize the benefits of your system earlier than traditional methods do. After a system has been running for a period of time, C-Byte will help fine-tune it.

As part of the package, we will train your staff — not just to operate and maintain the system, but to own the design and development of subsequent phases so you can be as self-sufficient as you want to be. At C-Byte, we believe it's in our best interest to see that our knowledge and skills are transferred, enabling your organization to make the best possible use of your system.

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Decision Advantage Project Review
Want a second opinion? This service is an excellent way to mitigate risk, save money, and gain valuable knowledge and experience by capitalizing on C-Byte's expertise. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, C-Byte can help correct projects that have gone awry or periodically supplement internal resources to ensure successful progress.

For example, organizations that have embarked on a DSS implementation of their own, and then decided that they required more analysis, have found our Project Review extremely useful for getting a project back on track.

Depending on the issues to be addressed, our emphasis can range from business or strategic linkage to schema design, tool selection, infrastructure planning, application design, skills assessment or project organization.

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