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A Proven Approach for Measuring the Value of DSS to Your Business
Evaluate, Prioritize, Build Consensus
Achieving Tangible Results
Recommended Customer Participants
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Building a Decision Support System (DSS) can provide many measurable benefits to your organization. New opportunities for generating incremental revenue, improving operational efficiencies and enjoying a stronger competitive advantage—these are just some of the benefits that a DSS can deliver. However, it is important to understand the business value and feasibility of achieving these benefits before moving ahead with implementation.

It can be an enormous challenge to proactively quantify, prioritize and build consensus around the potential benefits of Decision Support projects using traditional cost-justification methods. Most IT benefit analysis methods, such as ROI alone, focus exclusively on the cost savings driven through automation. The benefit of DSS projects, however, also drive competitive advantage through greater business intelligence and enhanced revenue.

C-Byte's Decision Advantage™ Business Benefit Analysis service offers you a better way to understand the business impact of a DSS implementation—and build the necessary consensus to select and launch the right project beyond the consideration stages. C-Byte’s seasoned consultants and workshop facilitators can help your business and IT executives locate, evaluate and prioritize the business impact and feasibility of your strategic DSS business opportunities.

A Proven Approach
C-Byte’s Business Benefit Analysis service has been used to assess some of the world’s largest DSS projects in production today. This service begins with an initial fact finding phase and both business and IT interviews. A workshop approach is then utilized to answer three key questions:

Within your area of business expertise, what significant opportunities do you see or ideas do you have for improving the management and operation of the business?
What are the potential financial benefits to the business if your idea(s) were to be implemented?
What types of information or access to information would be needed to fully realize the benefits of implementing your idea?

These questions help draw out people’s ideas about improving the business and help explore the potential measurable impact of each. They also illustrate the linkage between business opportunities, quantified business benefits and access to DSS information. The workshop concludes by summarizing the ideas, as well as the business impact and information needs of each idea, to create consensus around the organization’s priorities and DSS strategy.

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Decision Support System Deployment

Evaluate, Prioritize, Build Consensus
Our comprehensive Business Benefit Analysis service helps your organization to efficiently:

Align the needs of both business and IT communities.
Clearly define the expected payback of one or more DSS projects.
Evaluate and prioritize the DSS projects that best meet your business needs and objectives.
Increase the likelihood of executive buy-in and project approval by articulating a compelling business case to move forward.
Accelerate your DSS initiative by defining the appropriate project scope.
Minimize investment risk by systematically evaluating a project against your payback criteria.

Achieving Tangible Results
Leverage our experience in large DSS sites to achieve tangible results. We will first understand, document and review your corporate vision. Then we will analyze and integrate your business and information needs and priorities. The workshop ultimately culminates in the rapid creation of a DSS Benefit Findings report. The workshop findings minimize your implementation risk and build consensus around your DSS strategy and roadmap:

Executive Summary
BBA Approach
Business Case
  bullet.gif  Develop application areas
  bullet.gif  Benefits of application areas
  bullet.gif  Technical feasibility/benefit matrix
  bullet.gif  Recommendations
  bullet.gif  Organizational readiness and risk mitigation (optional)
High-Level Project Sizing
  bullet.gif  Cost estimates
Executive Presentation
Appendix (optional)
  bullet.gif  Interview write-ups
  bullet.gif  Workshop results

Recommended Customer Participants
Our Business Benefit Analysis workshop requires the involvement of both business and IT personnel. These include:

Senior Management. Members of the business executive team and the IT director need to allocate time for pre-workshop interviews, workshop participation, as well as reviewing the findings presentation.
Business / IT Directors and Staff. A cross-functional team from various organizational levels is essential for generating concrete information on the likely impact of business information as well as the source and quality of information. These individuals will also assist in preparing the findings presentation.
Executive Sponsor. A business executive acts as the project sponsor. This person will provide high-level guidance and help resolve obstacles that impede progress in addition to acting as a liaison to the project approval board.

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Next Steps
Call us about scheduling a Decision Advantage Business Benefit Analysis engagement. Let us help you quickly assess the value that Decision Support can offer your business and develop a roadmap to support your DSS strategy.

Sample Business Benefit Analysis Engagement Flow

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