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Decision Advantage™ Fraud Detection

What is Electronic Fraud Detection?
Fraud has become an increasingly costly problem for both business and government, worldwide. The perpetrators of fraud are using computers and other electronic mechanisms, like cellular phone number cloning, to commit fraud very quickly and on a grand scale. Affected industries include all types of insurance, bank loans, credit cards, traveler's checks, cellular and long distance telephone, stock brokerages, shipping, purchasing and procurement departments, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security payments, welfare, workmen's compensation insurance, etc. The US Government General Accounting Office estimates that health care fraud alone represents $300 billion per year.

Fraud can be an individual activity, but, increasingly, it is committed by rings of cooperating individuals, all of which need to be detected and stopped to actually cease the overall fraud. It doesn't do any good to stop just one or two individuals of a larger ring, because the others will continue with the fraud, recruiting more members. Both individuals and rings rely on the fact that their fraudulent transactional data is a very small percentage of a much larger body of legitimate transactions, and therefore relatively unlikely to be detected and stopped. It is like finding a needle in a haystack and fraud detection efforts are largely futile unless automatic algorithms are employed to analyze the masses of transactional data produced by the enterprises that are vulnerable to fraud. Another key characteristic of fraud detection applications is the repeated analysis of very large historical data sets to find patterns of fraud, as well as the need to find the fraud as soon as possible, often in near-real time, like credit cards or cellular telephones, for example. These demanding operational requirements dictate the use of powerful parallel computers like C-Byte's to accomplish computationally-intense fraud detection tasks.

C-Byte has combined it's expertise in the construction of large-scale data warehouses with an innovative, highly parallel fraud detection data mining package to provide Decision Advantage™ Fraud Detection, the leading edge solution for large-scale electronic fraud detection. This solution uses SRA International's KDD Explorer fraud detection data mining tool operating directly and in parallel against transaction history stored in an SQL data warehouse on a C-Byte system. The KDD tool was originally developed for stock market surveillance at the NASD, which has over a terabyte of NASDAQ market transaction history in a C-Byte data warehouse. The highly regarded SRA NASD fraud detection solution recently won The Data Warehousing Institute's Best Practices in Data Mining Award. At over a terabyte, it is one of the largest data mining solutions in the world. And by insuring the integrity of the NASDAQ electronic stock market, it is surely one of the most important fraud detection solutions in the world. C-Byte and SRA will apply the same award winning technology to your fraud detection solution.

SRA International
SRA International's KDD Explorer discovers patterns of fraud in terabyte-sized databases and presents them for analysis using an intuitive Java interface. KDD Explorer's Discovery Engine employs multiple fraud detection data mining algorithms including classification, clustering, association, and time sequence pattern recognition. The scaleable parallel implementation is designed to take advantage of C-Byte's powerful parallel computers and it uses SQL to analyze transactional data warehouse data directly. The KDD tool is distinguished by its powerful, easy-to-use graphical interface, including a visual rule editor, which shows the discovered patterns as editable natural language rules and allows ad-hoc, graphically constructed queries. The tool also includes a relationship display/link analysis and clustering tool which is used for the discovery of rings of cooperating individuals. All interface code is written in pure Java.

SRA also provides a complete set of consulting services for customizing your fraud detection data mining solution to your particular requirements, including specialized user interfaces and real-time transaction-stream detection mechanisms.

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Put our Service Offerings to work for you.
With Decision Advantage Services, you get:
Proven methodologies to minimize risk
Business-focused problem solving
Involvement and buy-in from end-users
Measurable analysis and results at each step
Transfer of skills to your personnel
Single point of accountability from start to finish
A scalable solution guaranteed to perform

C-Byte offers the following portfolio of DSS services, from which we customize the optimal approach for each customer's unique needs.

Decision Advantage Workshops
Discovery Day
Proof of Concept
Business Benefit Analysis

Decision Advantage Methodology draws from the proven tools and techniques of C-Byte's Professional Services.

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