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Decision Advantage Relationship Marketing  

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Decision Advantage™ Relationship Marketing

C-Byte’s Relationship Marketing solution leverages a rich heritage in large-scale decision support successes to help companies identify, acquire, retain and grow profitable customers. The solution consists of four critical components that provide an integrated view of customer behavior and provide the foundation for developing new products, services and campaigns aimed at increasing their purchases.

We start with a customer-focused data warehouse that stores detailed information about customer attributes, purchasing history, response to promotions, and other interactions with your company. To ensure the data warehouse draws information from all the relevant sources, we define a data integration process to collect and integrate data from both internal and external sources. Immediately, you can build a composite picture of each customer and relationship they have with your company.

With a solid data warehouse and integration process in place, C-Byte will help you achieve the full profit potential of each customer relationship. By integrating your preferred segmentation and visualization tools, we enable you to unearth hidden customer affinities and devise actionable strategies to connect with even the most granular market segments. Finally, we add campaign management software to help you create and manage multiple concurrent campaigns, generate mailing and telemarketing lists and corresponding treatment strategies, and capture promotional history.

In addition to our familiar DSS partners (e.g., Business Objects, Information Advantage, Informix, Oracle, MicroStrategy), Decision Advantage RM features other software partners whose software significantly improves the efficiency of the Marketing process:

Analytical tools involved with customer modeling, data exploration and visualization, data mining, and statistics:

The SAS System
Quadstone's Decisionhouse data mining suite

Campaign Management tools that assist marketing personnel in automating the processes of creating campaigns, control groups, and contact/mailing lists as well as tracking promotional history, responses and costs:

Prime Response - Prime Vantage

Data Cleansing and Hygiene tools that help IT improve the quality of the data loaded into the warehouse from disparate operational systems, harmonize it with up-to-date information from postal and phone directories, and organize it around households or other criteria for contact purposes:

IdCentric's PostalSoft
Trillium Software System

Beyond these software technology partners, C-Byte continues to form and grow other partnerships in relationship marketing.

Put our Service Offerings to work for you.
With Decision Advantage Services, you get:
Proven methodologies to minimize risk
Business-focused problem solving
Involvement and buy-in from end-users
Measurable analysis and results at each step
Transfer of skills to your personnel
Single point of accountability from start to finish
A scalable solution guaranteed to perform

C-Byte offers the following portfolio of DSS services, from which we customize the optimal approach for each customer's unique needs.

Decision Advantage Workshops
Discovery Day
Proof of Concept
Business Benefit Analysis

Decision Advantage Methodology draws from the proven tools and techniques of C-Byte's Professional Services.

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