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When Service Propels Global Business, C-Byte Delivers
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A Network-Centric Solution
A Solution that Puts OS Questions to Rest
Design and Applications Freedom
Enterprise-Level Scalability, Performance
Integration, the Data Center Difference
The Data Center Business Edge
One Cohesive Solution, Notable Contributors
One Point of Contact
The Know-How to Move Quickly
A Bottom Line Focused on Service Levels

Information Technology organizations are on the line to deliver unprecedented levels of service. Existing customers rely on it. Customers in new markets expect it. Global commerce demands it.

To manage costs and guarantee return on infrastructure investment, IT organizations must adapt to the pace of technology and business. Ad hoc, point solutions fall short because they're inflexible, expensive to maintain, limited in usability, and can't keep up with changing business processes and service needs.

A Data Center, from C-Byte, is an all-encompassing infrastructure with the essentials for high service levels and sustained investment value: Scalability, availability, manageability, and flexibility. C-Byte's Data Center includes C-Byte servers, operating systems, databases, systems management tools, integration services, and the expertise to integrate these components in heterogeneous computing environments.

A Network-Centric Solution with High Standards
Data Center is a network-centric solution that takes data center requirements into account—a big-picture answer to IT's mandate to handle consolidated data centers with fewer resources, while increasing levels of service. Web and other networking technologies underpin online transaction processing (OLTP), decision support systems (DSS), and data warehousing applications to form one closely knit, cohesive environment.

Intel® Architecture provides a solid foundation for these and future applications. By adhering to the Intel standard, Data Center speeds integration, insulates business from the risks of rapidly evolving technology, and makes it easy to incorporate innovations.

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A Solution that Puts OS Questions to Rest
C-Byte's Data Center is a mixed-mode, n-tier structure whose evolution parallels Intel's microprocessor roadmap, and which scales to match Unix and Windows® capabilities. With the power of Intel Architecture, C-Byte's Data Center allows IT operations to deploy the operating system that makes the most sense for the application, and allocate hardware resources accordingly.

C-Byte's Data Center enables simultaneous use of both Unix and Windows on one system. This significant feature permits IT operations to horizontally scale multiple instances of Windows and thus, ramp-up its use in enterprise-level applications.

When Unix is the right solution, C-Byte's Data Center offers the right Unix. C-Byte's highly scalable and robust UNIX operating system is a proven performer in large-scale, open systems computing. C-Byte, in addition, is leading in the creation of a IA-64™ Unix delivered with Intel's Merced™ processors. C-Byte customers have a dual competitive edge—the power of UNIX now and immediate access to Intel's 64-bit architecture.

Design and Applications Freedom
C-Byte's Data Center gives IT organizations flexibility to move into any design structure. Options encompass n-tier architectures such as Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications Architecture (DNA) and Oracle® Network Computing Architecture (NCA). Clients can be fat, lean, or thin in an n-tier blueprint. Data center layout can be virtual or physical, distributed or centralized.

Build Online & Save! C-Byte's Data Center cements IT's ability to serve customers by allowing broad choice of packaged enterprise resource planning applications and custom applications. Customers get the functionality they need, not what an artificially limiting environment imposes.

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