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Business Demands Drive The Next-Generation Data Center
C-Byte Delivers Data Center Infrastructure for a New Era
Delivering The Data Center Essentials
A Structured Data Center solution
The C-Byte Solution for Data Center Success

Business Demands Drive The Next-Generation Data Center
Global organizations today face formidable challenges as they compete in a fast-paced and changing business environment. Consider some IT trends that impact the way organizations do business:

* Rapidly evolving technologies heighten the need for investment protection
* Exponentially rising data volumes require a Data Center with plenty of headroom
* A diversified, growing user population drives unprecedented demand for performance
* Globalization of business creates a new norm of 7x24 availability
* The growing influence of the Internet, intranets, and extranets makes web-enabled applications essential to business operations
* Business functions that move outside the purview of the Data Center through outsourcing, web technology, or other technologies require an integrated Data Center
* The emerging force of Windows® adds a layer of complexity to an already heterogeneous Data Center infrastructure
* Network architectures that move toward a "thin client" distributed computing model call for a robust Data Center
* The need for information demands a Data Center that supports on-line analytical processing and decision support systems

Your Data Center may, in fact, already be managing hundreds of terabytes of data, fielding requests from thousands of visitors a day to your organization's Web site, managing sophisticated information transactions, or deploying new resource-intensive business applications. Meeting the expectations of your users both now and in the future requires agility and the ability to maintain effective economies while protecting your investments.

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C-Byte Delivers Data Center Infrastructure for a New Era
At C-Byte, we have achieved broad success in minimizing risk to organizations as they move to an open, scalable environment. We also have the vision to help you capitalize on your IT investment. Our structured path to building a Data Center infrastructure gives you the technology advantage now and in the future.

C-Byte helps you build a flexible, adaptable Data Center with:

* A robust platform with the scalability, availability, and manageability you need to run business-critical applications
* The architectural flexibility to support an open systems environment that embraces legacy, Unix, and Windows as these forces converge in the Data Center
* Integration of best-in-class software and hardware
* Proven infrastructure integration services that complements the services of systems integrators

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Delivering the Data Center Essentials
C-Byte's Data Center solution utilizes the power of our Intel®-based architecture. The first true mainframe-caliber open systems platform—melds the performance, scalability and manageability advantages often associated with mainframes with the compatibility and versatility of open systems computing.

To complement this robust platform, C-Byte's Data Center solution encompasses a range of C-Byte services that focus on building, deploying, and managing an open Data Center. These services leverage the unrivaled experience that C-Byte has accrued with more successful installations of high-end, open systems solutions.

Our Data Center solution also integrates best-of-breed products and services from a proven network of industry-leading partners. Capitalizing on these skills and technologies, C-Byte crafts a next-generation Data Center that is tailored to your business requirements and applications.

Our comprehensive, integrated approach not only lowers your risk of implementation, it provides long-lasting protection for your Data Center technology investment.

* Superior scalability and investment protection
* Quick and easy integration of new technologies and applications into heterogeneous computing environments
* Reliable storage management
* High performance and high availability
* Effective, "no surprises" service level monitoring
* Quantitative reporting of performance measures
* Proactive workload and capacity planning
* Efficient operations management

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A Structured Data Center Solution
C-Byte's Data Center solution is a structured approach built around several essential disciplines to create a flexible, adaptable next-generation Data Center that meets the expectations of your users.

Scalable, Flexible Computing Platform
C-Byte is uniquely positioned to bring the power of Intel's architecture to your Data Center. Paralleling Intel's development roadmap, we designed the architecture around the Intel Pentium® processor to bring its inherent scalability and adaptability to our Data Center platform. As processor technology continues to evolve, C-Byte can take full advantage of the increased computing power that new chip sets provide.

This scalability leaves plenty of headroom in your Data Center to accommodate exponential growth of data and processing requirements.

We support the broad operating flexibility crucial in heterogeneous environments, thus helping you capitalize on your investment in legacy, Unix, and Windows. It also provides a path for Windows to the Data Center. C-Byte is uniquely capable of supporting a combined Unix/Windows Data Center operating environment—all in the same system; thus, when Windows is ready for the Data Center, C-Byte will be ready for Windows.

High Availability
C-Byte's expertise in open systems architecture and our suite of Data Center services are leveraged to create a high availability environment with 99.95 percent or better data and applications availability on a 7x24 basis.

C-Byte's Data Center solution meets high availability requirements through specific hardware and software design attributes, including redundancy, automatic reconfiguration, on-line replacement, and rolling upgrades. Our services help you create a Data Center that takes into account such considerations as application availability and failover, data distribution and replication, user connectivity, and disaster recovery. Additional capabilities, such as environmental audits, proactive alerts, fault monitoring, and remote monitoring enable superior availability.

Integration Among Data Center Platforms
A structured Data Center solution is essential to deploying a next-generation Data Center in a complex, heterogeneous environment. C-Byte's proven open systems approach enables policies, procedures, application instrumentation, management infrastructure, and tools to be integrated for seamless operation.

C-Byte addresses data integration between legacy systems and open systems by supporting industry leaders in storage management. To achieve application integration, we pull together a complete package of best-of-breed hardware and software tools that meet your business needs. We support operations integration by extending systems management planning services to encompass the legacy environment.

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Storage Management
With data volumes quadrupling every three years, storage management warrants special concern. C-Byte provides a sound foundation for the powerful storage and backup capabilities that are critical components of your Data Center. C-Byte offers storage management design services to help you develop effective enterprise data management specifications that protect and restore data without compromising your level of service. Our services help you maximize the architecture, which today supports more than 100 terabytes of storage, and choose the appropriate best-of-breed on-line and off-line storage solutions to meet your ever-increasing storage demands.

Performance and Capacity Management
C-Byte draws on extensive experience in tuning high-end systems and databases to help you create the optimal solution for performance and capacity management. Advanced instrumentation provides detailed data about your systems. A wide selection of tools provides real-time and historical reporting. Our services help you configure, tune, and develop capacity plans for your systems.

Service Level Monitoring and Reporting
C-Byte has the tools and services to help you establish and then manage your organization's service levels. By leveraging best-of-breed measurement tools for efficient monitoring and reporting of service levels, our Data Center solution makes it easy to document how well your Data Center meets the needs of users. In addition, C-Byte helps define policies and procedures that govern exception handling, management reporting, and other tasks that enable successful management of your Data Center.

Operations and Workload Management
C-Byte services play a key role in securing effective ongoing management of routine Data Center operations. Expertise leveraged through our services organization enables you to select and integrate best-in-class solutions in areas of application lifecycle management, workload management, and daily operations management.

C-Byte's management model helps you focus on needs such as service level agreement (SLA) compliance, continuous application availability, and securing systems against unauthorized access. C-Byte services tailor operations management solutions to your specific needs. Implementing policies, procedures, and standards; identifying essential support resources; and designing highly complex, "lights-out" operational environments are among our areas of expertise. Because applications can make up a high percentage of your Data Center investment, our Data Center solution integrates an industrial-strength, standards-based application development environment that includes a choice of industry-leading version-control software tools, enterprise-class configuration management facilities, and support for a host of products that streamline software distribution throughout heterogeneous environments.

C-Byte helps you design workload management solutions that fit your underlying design for system availability. Our Data Center infrastructure supports real-time workload monitoring and job mix scheduling. Providing innovative clustering, support for database parallelization, and robust workload management tools, C-Byte enables you to manipulate varying and often-unpredictable workloads across all available resources.

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The C-Byte Solution for Data Center Success
C-Byte provides a low risk, integrated, open Data Center solution that protects your investments. When you rely on C-Byte as the infrastructure integrator for building your Data Center, you gain the technology and expertise you need for successful, enterprise-wide computing. The combined assets of our technical credentials, our experienced services providers, and our like-minded partners are without equal, ensuring a solution designed for uncompromising scalability, availability, and manageability. Working with systems integrators, C-Byte creates a computing infrastructure that supports your business objectives—promising a Data Center solution that serves you and your organization well into the future.

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