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Customer Releationship Management  

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Contact Advantage™
C-Byte's Customer Interaction Platform

How an organization interacts with its customers is critical to delivering high service levels and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For organizations implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, customer interaction is key to establishing, cultivating and maintaining long-lasting and mutually beneficial contact with customers.

Effective customer interaction must encompass a network of "touchpoints" or "channels", including a mobile sales force, call centers, the Web, point-of-sale, direct marketing. The key to success here is the need for these touchpoints to be integrated into a cohesive whole. Customers must be able to get the same information and levels of service from the Web, the sales force, or the call center.

This is only possible when an organization's sales, marketing and service personnel have access to the same information about their customers' preferences, events and history. By capturing customer data during every interaction and exploiting this information in every future customer interaction via any channel, organizations can more effectively sell products and services to target customers.

This is why C-Byte created Contact Advantage. It allows organizations to:

Treat every customer contact as a revenue opportunity
Exploit new channels to market
Improve efficiency in the call center
Provide world-class customer care

These benefits can be realized rapidly by exploiting the organizations existing IT infrastructure not replacing it.

Contact Advantage is a portfolio of hardware, software and services for implementing a customer interaction management environment.

It consists of the following:

Customer interaction framework
Leading edge platform

Customer Interaction Framework
Contact Advantage consists of a single platform that fronts all the systems in the organization. Any customer interaction application, in particular contact center and Internet applications can just access this single system and Contact Advantage propagates the changes through to the underlying systems. This platform provides a uniform mechanism for a customer to interact with the organization regardless of requirement or channel and the ability for the organization to exploit that interaction. Crucially, when this solution is tightly integrated with a C-Byte data warehouse, it allows the knowledge that is gained from the data warehouse to be exploited with every customer contact.

Moreover, Contact Advantage coupled with C-Byte's Decision Advantage™ RM solution provides a complete environment for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) built on top of your existing IT infrastructure.

Leading Edge Platform
Contact Advantage is underpinned by C-Byte's high-performance Data Center architecture, which includes the Intel technology platform. This scalable and highly available environment with its unique combination of Unix and Windows is the ideal hardware platform for the rigorous demands of a customer interaction environment.

Contact Advantage is an open environment that can support a wide range of customer interaction applications, and C-Byte has an established set of partnerships with the industry's best-in-class software vendors, including Siebel Systems, Oracle and Point Information Systems.

C-Byte has the end-to-end capability to deliver the IT infrastructure for an effective customer interaction environment. C-Byte CRM services include project management, application customization, legacy integration and infrastructure services.

These services are complemented by business consulting services provided by C-Byte's partners, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and AABC.

With an installed base of more than 10,000 systems, C-Byte is the leading provider of large-scale data center solutions for the enterprise.

Data Sheets
Contact Advantage Architecture
Contact Advantage SugarCRM

Modeling Customer Relationships


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