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Technical Consulting Services

Available on a limited basis, please call for availablity

Business Protection Service

This consulting consists of developing plans and procedures for safely recovering from a disaster. Such planning includes conducting a needs assessment, analyzing operational processes, performing a business impact analysis, identifying recovery strategies and organizational elements, developing a specific disaster recovery plan, and preparing for and conducting disaster recovery exercises. Disaster recovery may also include assisting customers in the actual recovery from a disaster.

Computer Performance Evaluation and Management

Computer Performance Evaluation and Management consulting maximizes system performance to meet the growing demands of the user community IT services. Once a system?s goals and requirements are defined, C-Byte consultants use advanced performance tools to monitor and analyze system usage. C-Byte consultants then adjust the operating system, database software and other components to increase system performance and efficiency. Capacity planning assists clients in determining their growing needs for processing power, memory and data storage, model configurations, and in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative. C-Byte consultants calculate the improvements obtainable with the addition of new hardware, construct benchmarks to measure performance gains, interpret test results, and conduct configuration modeling to strategically an upgrade path.

Database/Application Tuning

Database tuning helps clients obtain maximum benefit from their installed relational databases including (ORACLE?, INFORMIX?, SYBASE?). C-Byte's consultants conduct requirements analysis, database sizing, system design, implementation, and testing.

High Availability

High Availability consulting engagements consist of performing a requirements analysis, system design, development, implementation, training, operations, and maintenance to meet the client?s high availability requirements.

Network and Communication

Network and communication consulting provides resources and expertise to install and configure network designs created in previous consulting engagements. The deliverable of this consulting is a functioning and performing messaging system. C-Byte consultants have extensive experience integrating a wide variety of open systems network technologies into local and wide-area networks. Network consultants can work with multiple networking protocols, networking media, and third-party suppliers to help create efficient, open networking environments.

Operations Management

C-Byte consultants can work with system administrators to write shell scripts, configure kernels, add and remove users, monitor network connections, and connect terminals, modems and printers. They can also assist with activities including setting passwords, the directory structure, file system, text editors and managing user processes.

Project Management

C-Byte Professional Services provide complete project management from enterprise open system installation to implementing new applications. C-Byte consultants offer a variety of skills to manage all phases of an open systems project, from the initial planning to the final audit.

System Management

System Management consulting involves the day-to-day operation and administration of C-Byte based computer systems. Typical engagements include analyzing system administration requirements, identifying and implementing system performance enhancements, and overseeing the operation and administration of computer systems.

System Security

System security consulting will assist the client in maintaining a secure open systems environment by analyzing potential security risks and developing a coherent strategy to address them. C-Byte consultants generate a comprehensive audit identifying security weaknesses, recommend policies and procedures for minimizing risks, and create documentation for staff and users. As the network and applications continue to grow, C-Byte professionals can reevaluate the determined security profile and plan.

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