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Service Delivery Model

A dedicated team of service development analysts constantly monitor and poll the market place for feedback on potential service opportunities. Have you ever wondered how C-Byte designs and develops its services? Let us explain:

C-Byte has a dedicated team of service development analysts constantly monitoring and polling the market place for feedback on potential service opportunities. Once an opportunity is identified, it is passed on to the Service Implementation Group, who construct a business plan, taking into account all aspects of the opportunity, from the size and investment in infrastructure and technology required, through to potential commercial advantages.

The plan is then distributed to the service management team and reviewed. Feedback or root review of the plan may occur at this stage and a decision on whether to proceed is made. If the decision to proceed is taken, a programme manager from the Service Implementation Group is assigned and he creates a Project Board, usually comprising: senior technical specialists, commercial account managers, service delivery managers and a member from the service management team.

The Project Board is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the plan are implemented. The Board members then sign-off the project plan.

Quality Control

The Customer Support plan for the new service now moves into the delivery phase. Using in-house expertise and working closely with C-Byte's service partners, the new service is delivered in accordance with the original project plan. It is also, more importantly, closely monitored by random sampling, carried out by Romtec, who sample 5-10% of all C-Byte's customer contacts, and by Prognostics, who sample the whole service delivery industry on an industry wide basis.

These sampling services provide a constant review and feedback of our service delivery. They enable us to investigate any instance when we fall in any way short of our very high expectations. It is a maxim at C-Byte that we always build on our existing levels of skills and experience.

All service delivery managers provide feedback on how each service is performing to members of the service management team. This enables on-going assessment on how the delivery of the service is actually meeting our original expectations.

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