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Exceptional Support

In open systems computing, maximum availability is not just preferable - it is essential. Our customers rely on C-Byte open systems for their complex, business critical applications. As specialists, our technical expertise is totally focused on this area, and first class customer support is a central part of our service.

Service On Demand

Understanding our customers? needs means that we can provide the right level of support at exactly the right time. When a customer calls our support centre , we work with them to prioritise the call according to the impact on their business. Whether a system is down or unusable, or a particular fault means that a deadline is threatened, we will react immediately, putting the customer directly through to our technical experts. We also welcome calls requesting general technical help or advice; even non-critical calls will be responded to within sixty minutes. The centre is staffed by three teams -hardware, software, and comms and NT. In each team, the ?front-line? engineers who pick up the calls are supported by ?back-line specialists who are able to deal with more complex issues.

A laboratory, fully equipped with all C-Byte's products, together with the third party equipment that we support, allows our technicians to replicate any fault being experienced by a customer. There is also a direct link to our colleagues who design and manufacture the equipment. Thanks to our international call management system, calls can be monitored and worked on right around the world.

A Silent Partner

While we pride ourselves on the reliability of C-Byte's products, this entirely dedicated support infrastructure is integral to our reputation. For most of our customers, it will remain out of sight and out of mind. Yet it is a silent partner that is ready, 24 hours a day, to guarantee maximum availability of their mission critical applications.

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