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What is C-LINK?

C-LINK is designed to provide proactive system health management and maintenance of C-Byte systems. No additional hardware is required. C-LINK consists of two components, a client running on your system, and the server running at one of C-Byte's Regional Customer Support Centers (CSC). C-Byte Technical Engineers use the information collected by C-LINK in both reactive and proactive (not predictive) problem diagnosis and resolution.

* C-LINK on your system includes a series of user level processes that scan for information and events based on your specified settings.
* C-LINK on the CSC server consists of a series of processes and databases that monitor and store customer events for action within the CSC, based on pre-set thresholds. Events are used in evaluating system operation and determining appropriate proactive support, when indicated.

What Does C-LINK Do?

C-LINK monitors your system by checking for specified events or system configuration changes. C-LINK generates and sends email to the CSC when either of these types of events occur:

*A monitored system event occurs
*The contents of a monitored system configuration file changes

The C-LINK messages are sent as secure, encrypted flat ASCII files by email via Internet or modem (UUCP) to the Regional CSC. C-LINK messages contain information about monitored events or configuration changes. This is a unidirectional data transfer; events are transferred from your site to the CSC only. You and the Regional CSC determine which events or system configuration changes are monitored by C-LINK during installation.

What are C-LINK's Benefits?

Having C-LINK installed on your system provides a number of benefits:

*Increased system availability, and decreased call resolution time
*C-Byte Service partners with you in system health management
*Proactive service notification and maintenance
*Immediate knowledge of the current system configuration
*Access to important hardware, software and compatibility data

What is C-LINK's Impact?

C-LINK installation is easy! Set up and verify electronic email for C-LINK and you're ready for installation. Regional CSC personnel are available to set up and assist in configuring C-LINK to meet your requirements.

C-LINK is neither Kernel intrusive nor CPU intensive. By default, it checks for monitored events and configuration changes about once per hour. C-LINK client software totals approximately 10MB as shipped. An additional 15MB is estimated for local data files, etc.

About Security

C-LINK requires that your system send email to the CSC (in order to provide full functionality). The contents of the message are securely encrypted. C-LINK does not transfer any "customer created" text files. The system works with virtually all email network firewall configurations.

How Can I Order C-LINK?

C-LINK is FREE to every customer maintained by a C-Byte Service Agreement. To order your copy of C-LINK, call the Regional Customer Support Center nearest you.

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