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Architecture Planning & Design

Available on a limited basis, please call for availablity

Decision Support Planning and Design

Decision Support Planning (DSS) delivers the logical design of the client?s DSS infrastructure and strategy. It provides an analysis of business drivers for DSS at the client?s site, followed with On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) source analysis, data store architecture, access, design and end-user environment design.

Decision Support Design takes output from the architecture logical design phase and expands it to a physical design with specific product and configuration recommendations. The deliverable of the decision support design is an implementable design specifying the hardware, software, and plan for implementation.

Enterprise Architecture Planning

Enterprise Architecture Planning links the clients organization?s information technology to its business strategies through defining and planning new enterprise architectures. This methodology reviews the customer?s current architecture plan, assesses the current architecture, defines new architecture, and recommends transition architectures.

Messaging System Planning and Design

Messaging System Planning provides a logical design of a client?s messaging infrastructure and strategy. C-Byte consultants work with the client to define both short-and long-term messaging requirements within the context of the organization?s total information system strategy, and develop an appropriate network architecture. C-Byte consultants analyze required network traffic, data throughput, addressing schemes, network uptime needs, and protocol selection. They work with multiple networking protocols, networking media, and third party suppliers to create an efficient, open networking environment. The deliverable of the messaging plan is a logical design document of the messaging network.

Messaging System Design takes the outputs from the architecture/logical design phase and expands them to physical designs with specific product and configuration recommendations. The deliverable is an implementable design specifying the hardware, software, and the plan for implementation.

Open Systems Migration Planning and Design

C-Byte consultants can help organizations migrate their legacy systems to an Open Systems environment to take advantage of client/server architecture using relational databases, a variety of desktop platforms, transaction management software, multiple networking protocols, middleware products, and distributed application development techniques. C-Byte consultants will identify the resources required for a successful implementation, conduct a thorough cost/benefit analysis, develop pilots or proofs-of-concept, and document a complete project plan and schedule.

Project Planning and Design

Project Management consultants identify specific needs of an organization and determine project goals. The project manager defines the activities and resources required to achieve successful implementation, and create a timeline for completion. The project plan may include a detailed listing of subprojects. Project managers develop a set of control systems, using industry-standard methodologies, to produce and track project reviews, checkpoints and customer reports. The C-Byte project manager maintains open communication and full accountability to the client during all phases of the project.

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