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Application Systems Services

Available on a limited basis, please call for availablity

Application Implementation

C-Byte consultants can manage application implementation projects including projects that incorporate leading relational databases, CASE technology, Fourth Generation Languages (4GLs), and system performance analysis and tuning tools.

Application Migration Planning and Design

C-Byte consultants provide extensive experience in the migration of application software and data from traditional, propriety systems to the UNIX and Windows open systems environment. They can simplify the process of converting existing data, developing new system interfaces, implementing required networking software, and moving to relational or object oriented technology. C-Byte consultants can plan and design the best way to move client?s application to take advantage of client/server configuration, distributed processing, and open systems.

Application Redesign

C-Byte consultants can audit applications for their efficiency and effectiveness in using available hardware and software and make recommendation and design improvements to existing software. C-Byte consultants are knowledgeable in all aspects of the application life cycle - including architecting, design development, testing, implementation and maintenance - to create programs that take maximum advantage of open systems capabilities. In addition, consultants can assist the development of new applications, software tools or system administration tools to replace or coexist with existing software in a new open systems environment.

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