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Managing Technology to Enhance Your Business
Supporting New Dimensions
in the Data Center

The C-Byte Solution
Data Center Success

Many of the old rules about customer service have advanced over time. Where service providers traditionally have offered product support, today's focus has shifted to the customer's business when designing IT solutions and service. Your provider is now your partner. And choosing the right partner is vital to your success.

Today's IT environment is dominated by service-intensive spending, as much as 70 percent of a project's budget, according to Dataquest, Service Trends. When your bottom line is at stake, you need a partner as dedicated to your objectives as you are.

The IT professionals of today and tomorrow increasingly recognize that true service responsiveness begins with business-focused initiatives that result in business-focused solutions. The choices IT experts make often must penetrate three levels simultaneously: managing existing systems, deploying new technologies, and planning for technologies of the future. The already fast paced IT environment is intensifying, making the right total service solution invaluable.

As a move toward greater productivity accelerates, service solutions and their role in enhancing IT effectiveness will remain at the forefront of recentralized computing within the data center environment. This need for increased productivity and the implicit requirements of mananging the vast array of computing technologies require flexible, multi-faceted solutions. This becomes even more imperative when considering the integral role information technology plays in corporate competitiveness.

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Managing Technology to Enhance Your Business
C-Byte know's you have choices in selecting a business solutions partner - that's why we specialize in the delivery of products and services that support business-critical operations. This full service approach provides optimum flexiblity. It allows you to direct C-Byte services in the areas you designate as most critical to reaching your business goals.

We achieve this by addressing the following:
* Increasing system availability
* Improving IT manageability
* Reducing risk
* Optimizing the total cost of ownership

Our proven methodology identifies the service components you need for successful enterprise-wide IT operations. Through our System Support Services we build a rock-solid foundation for your data center. This foundation is aggressively reinforced with our Environmental and Business Protection Services. Our Management Support Services then safeguard the entire operation allowing you greater freedom. C-Byte's approach lowers the exposure to inexperienced system personnel, adds specific expertise, and liberates your MIS professionals for other tasks.

At C-Byte, we are confident in our ability to give you the best service available in the industry today. Our experience in the open, scalable client-server environment is comprehensive and forged through extensive training and practical experience.

"C-Byte long ago made its mark in the service and support area by incorporating added-value in our solutions before that term was widely recognized. If our clients had a problem, we fixed it, even if it didn't involve C-Byte product. We have always operated in that manner and will continue to do so," Doug Jost.

C-Byte leads the way in delivering flexible, customer-oriented solutions that ensure maximum effectiveness. Today, we continue to deliver an extensive portfolio of customer service and support solutions.

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Supporting New Dimensions in the Data Center
Nobody else knows your business like you do. That's why C-Byte seeks out real authority - you - when configuring the right support solution. In fact, C-Byte has designated all of our support services around a set of necessary core components. This allows us to deliver expertise while you provide direction. No matter what your business-critical needs are.

System Support Services
System Support Services offer a scalable range of traditional hardware, software and network support services, providing the flexiblity to choose levels of support based on the need for risk managment and system availablity. C-Byte's solutions for service provide remedial, advisory and planning assistance and are considered the foundation for IT service and support.

Environmental Support Services
Where maximum availablity counts, your IT infrastructure requires a secure operating atmosphere. C-Byte Environmental Support Services provide the first step in keeping systems on-line and users productive by making sure that your data center and office space are properly prepared to support sensitive electronic equipment. These services range from a single power audit to planning, designing, and building a computer room.

Business Protection Support Services
Business Protection Support Services address avoidance and recovery. Services such as on-site spares, security assessment, and system replacement service reduce risk and minimize the impact of extended outages and disasters. The goal of these products is to protect your IT environment first and restore it quickly, if need be.

Management Support Services
Productivity is key to a successful computing operation. Internal resources are often stretched between addressing new business demands and the need to ensure existing systems are operational. C-Byte can minize or elimate these problems, and allow you to focus on strategic business issues by delivering such servces as remote system monitoring and management, and remote system and/or network administration and management. This ensures your IT environment is highly available and reliable.

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The C-Byte Solution for Data Center Success
C-Byte is a recognized industry leader and innovator in implementing and supporting the world's largest open, business-critical systems. But that's only part of the story. C-Byte Customer Services offer responsive service solutions that help your business organization manage the proliferation of IT change. These solutions provide robust service options that integrate your technology, people, and managment processes, resulting in greater management effectiveness, higher productivity, and reduced IT infrastructure costs.

C-Byte has the high-end, business-critical open environment experience that can make the difference. Customer Services will see you through the continuing IT evolution. That's more than a promise. It's our mission - to enable the success of our customers by developing and delivering the highest quality services that maximize the return on your investment with C-Byte.

For more information about Customer Services contact your local C-Byte office.

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