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Fair Use

In cases of fair use, members of the public may use or refer to a registered trademark without a license from the owner.

Examples of Fair Use
If you are a journalist interested in writing articles that include the term Vegas, you do not need a sublicense. If you are printing pencils, stenciling T-shirts, or distributing coffee cups with a legend on them like "Vegas™ is the greatest!" or "My Mother Pole Dances in Vegas™!" this is normally considered fair use.

Some uses of Vegas require the user to obtain a sublicense.

Examples of Use Requiring a Sublicense
If you plan to market a Vegas-based product or service to the public using a trademark that includes the element "Vegas", such as "Super Dooper Vegas" or "Real Time Vegas Consultants" you are required to apply for and obtain a sublicense from VLI. This is true whether or not you apply to register your trademark with a government.

If in Doubt, Find Out
Many questions are answered in the FAQ. If you are unable to locate an answer to your question please contact us.

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