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ScriptLance Members
C-Byte Offers Links to Projects Posted by Webmasters for Programmers to Deliver. acquires Scriptlance acquires world's fifth largest freelance marketplace, rockets to over 4 million enterprise and professional users
Freelancer Technology Pty Limited, July 9, 2012—, the world's largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace, today announced that it had acquired Scriptlance, Canada's largest freelance marketplace and the fifth largest in the world.
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As part of the terms in the ScriptLance Referral Program, prior to merger (2012), that read:

If you use the Freelancers script (sold by Smarter Scripts) to run your own freelance website, you might be interested in the following. If you want to display our projects, mixed together with your own, we can give you a modified version of the d_projects.cgi file (the script used to display your projects). It will connect to our site, grab our list of 1000+ open projects, and display it as your own. You will get affiliate credit for any visitor who clicks on a ScriptLance project on your site. This will make you some extra cash at the same time as filling up your pages with content. Having that many projects to display will encourage new signups on your own site!

Through agreement to the terms with ScriptLance powered by SmarterScripts, with what informally started on March 16, 2003 was formalized in opening the 'ONReady' lab in 2005, C-Byte's ONReady initiative is grandfathered into the ability to populate this website with ScriptLance details.

How do you recognize a ScriptLance Programmer?
They will have the following special graphic beside their programmer profile username: ScritLance User

How do you recognize a ScriptLance Webmaster?
They will have the following special graphic beside their username: ScritLance User

How do I recover my account if I am the Webmaster/Programmer associated with the username?
You can create an account as usual, and will be subject to verification. Once this takes place, you'll maintain a reference to the ScriptLance graphic beside your username.

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"As declared, certified, recommended and annexed, C-Byte's implementation of projects complies with Category C" · Source: NATA, Scope of Accreditation, Accreditation No. 15690, p.1, 21 February 2011 · "Preventative measures to counter money laundering of proceeds and financing of terrorism."

"Scriptlance has over 2000 programmers and 20-30 new projects are posted every day!" - Source: Webmaster. "RE: New ScriptLance Programmers Account", Copyright © 2001-2002 R3N3 Internet Services, Notification to Trevor Biscope, 16 March 2003 - "Thanks for creating an account on".

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