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"wow great site well done keep up the good work" -graphicsguru

"My perfect marketing partner. I used to spend about 60% of my time looking for new business, leaving only 40% to do the actual work. Now, I get projects right to my desktop and all of my time is spent generating income! Thank you!!" -Joel

"Got all my custom scripts in time this site is A++" -Webman

"Excellent site to outsource my programming..!!... Good Job!!!" -Mike

"I solved my hostings problems in an hour!!! This is a better support than i get from my hostings!!!" -Ken

"Trevor referred the biggest customer that I have ever had in my life. With that and a couple more, I did a million one that year!" - Casey DuBois, Grand Rapids Michigan

"I am very glad you are successful." - Maj. Cledwyn E. Lewis, M.D., Grand Prarrie Alberta

"C-Byte ..made me so much money online that i am here full-time!! Thank You" -num3ga

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