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C-Byte's hardware and software products meet the demands that businesses make on their data centers. Traditional data center requirements have moved outside of the glass house and are becoming requirements of the computing infrastructure of the extended enterprise. In essence, the extended enterprise - with its increasingly customer-centric business models and support for employees, customers, suppliers, and partners - has become the "New Data Center".

For C-Byte, this means a broadening market for the data center experience and expertise that we uniquely deliver. C-Byte's products provide the high IT service levels that have always been demanded in the data center, but in a commodity-based, open systems environment that provides the flexiblity to keep up with fast changing businesses.

The Right Architecture
C-Byte's servers are based on the latest Intel processors. Our servers are proven not only in customer implementations, but also in industry benchmarks.

The Right Operating Environment
C-Byte leads the industry in supporting both Unix and Windows. Our framework runs both operating environments in a single, managed system. Ideal as an applications deployment engine, allowing organizations to bring their Windows-based applications into a manageable, data-center-class environment.

The Right Products
C-Byte provides servers for Unix, servers for Windows, and systems that run both. Our products are designed for network-centric computing and storage area networks.

Browse our online store, or contact a C-Byte representative to find out more about how C-Byte can make your New Data Center a success.

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