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Free New C-ByteDirect Vegas Brand Orientation
Learn how to transform your Celebrity Event and Casino-Hotel Resort with direct or operator-leveraged licensing in as little as 60 days

WHAT: Welcome to the C-ByteDirect (Vegas Brand Orientation)

We would like to welcome you to C-Byte and show our thanks by providing you with the basics of how C-Byte works, service request tips, and show how easy the process truly is. We will show you how to work directly with the members of the C-Byte team of developers and technologists who built one of the world's best IP portfolios (Vegas Brand Rated 8th in the World by Saffron Brand Consultants 2014).

Please join us to learn the very best way to achieve your goals.
WHERE: Online From Las Vegas, Nevada & Seattle, Washington
WHEN: Monday through Friday
Various Convient Times to Choose From
Press briefings available with R.S.V.P.
DETAILS: Panelist(s) Info: C-Byte Professional Services

Duration: 1 hour

C-Byte Professional Services will cover the following:
  • How to transform your organization's ability to operate in as little as 60 days
  • How to transform your organization's business growth with direct or operator-leveraged licensing
  • How to transform your organization's revenue opportunities to make it more efficient or launch new products
  • How and when you should take advantage of C-Byte's broader channels that include solutions designed to support further industry collaboration
TWITTER CHAT: As a great way for people to connect with each other at the same time to discuss a specific topic of interest on Twitter. C-Byte hosts or participates in Twitter chats in real-time to share news of interest and answer questions.

Chats are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Interested in joining staff during this chat?

C-Byte generally promotes chat on C-Byte's primary - Las Vegas, Nevada - Twitter account (), through C-ByteDirect's - Seattle, Washington - Twitter account (@DataCenterReady), through ONReady Lab's World Wide Twitter account (@ONReady) and through email updates.
  • C-Byte uses Twitter quote feature to answer questions during a Twitter chat. This means we will "quote" a tweet, and provide an answer attached to that tweet.
  • Unless posted otherwise, chats are limited to 60 minutes.
  • We answer questions from as many different participants as possible before going back to someone who has already asked a question.
CONTACT: For Registration Contact:
C-Byte Professional Services
(403) 770-7818

Space is limited! Registration is free and required in order to submit orders and/or requests from C-Byte. To Register call C-Byte inside the U.S. (877) 99C-BYTE, outside the U.S. (403) 770-7818, online at

Vegas™, C-Byte™ is a trademark of Trevor Biscope. C-Byte Quality is Proven in Conformity with ISO/IEC Standards - Source: "ISO/IEC 17025:2005 RNG, Game Certified 2012 by iTechLabs AUS, IMN, ITA, ESP, MLT, GBR, GGY, DNK, PRT is NATA (2007) ACRED 15690, IDQ TQR, METAS (2010) Nr.151-04687" - C-Byte provides thoroughly tested hardware, software, and services for multinational operations since 1989.

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