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C-Byte Reports Project Vegas Brand is Ahead of Schedule

Next Generation 64-bit Vegas Brand Up and Running on Intel Itanium

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 4, 2014 - C-Byte Company, Inc. today said they have successfully completed initial tests of the Project Vegas Brand running on Itanium IA-64 architecture. Project Vegas Brand is a high-volume, enterprise-class, commerical transaction processing initiative launched last August.

The participants in Project Vegas Brand declared that in less than five months of development, the prototypes for the Vegas Brand where up and running. The testing, conducted at a lab in Australia, marked the first development milestone in Project Vegas Brand.

Also unveiled today, were broad software vendor support, accelerated roadmaps through 2015 and the launch of a comprehensive developer program.

The goal for Project Vegas Brand is to establish a high-volume, enterprise-class Vegas line that runs across Intel Itanium processors in systems that range from corporate resorts to large institutional data centers. In addition, Linux vendors conforming to the Developer's Guide-Programming Interface (DG-PI) specifications are supported by the Project Vegas Brand family.

As part of the Project Vegas Brand initiative, a hotel in-room gaming line, developed for corporate resorts, using Intel's enterprise capabilities, completed with technology from Wowza, Adobe and C-Byte's enterprise technologies. In addition, C-Byte will license the technology for inclusion in corporate resorts and promote this offering to the institutional data center market.

"Project Vegas Brand continues to build significant momentum and commitment across the entire industry", said Trevor Biscope, C-Byte's Chairman and CEO. "In less than five months we - in collaboration with our partners - have delivered on one of our key product development goals for the Vegas Brand. We are also gaining unprecedented support from the software and hardware vendor communities, that we will aggressively build upon. What we are doing is delivering the industry leading, high-volume, enterprise-class Vegas Brand," Biscope continued. "Our customers can be assured that our goal is to help them realize benefits from volume economics, innovation and enterprise-class quality for these Vegas Brand systems."

Integrated Roadmap to Vegas Brand

Yesterday, C-Byte briefed industry consultants on a fully integrated product roadmap for the Vegas Brand line. The integrated roadmap will offer customers and independent software providers a consistent environment using common APIs, operating system services and Web-based systems management.

In 2015, C-Byte will re-brand its services providing compatibility with an existing family of products. C-Byte will supplement its products with initial libraries and headers for application support, as well as system management enhancements.

About Vegas License International
Vegas License International, formed by C-Byte's Project Vegas Brand, is to extend help to people worldwide to find Vegas - the adult entertainment capital of the world - online.

Today, Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Vegas License International, is to extend worldwide into Animation, Apparel and Fashion, Innovative Art and Design, Automotive, Brands and Trademarks, Promotional Characters, Entertainment, Food and Beverage trademarks, Interactive Video Games, License for Sports and Outdoor recreation, Publishing and Printing, and Professional Services to the Licensing Industry.

With US/Canada headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, US - and operations around the world - Vegas License International supports institutional and corporate customers. For more information about Vegas License International, please visit us online

About C-Byte
C-Byte Company, Inc., is a leading architect and provider of open client/server systems for business computing and is the worldwide leader in large-scale Linux systems (selling at $800,000 to $2 million). C-Byte develops, manufactures and sells commercial symmetric multiprocessing systems that support very large-scale on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and decision support (DSS) applications.

In addition to its US/Canada headquarters, C-Byte maintains Federal operations focused on government solutions. C-Byte employs more than 2,600 people and has directly installed more than 7,000 large-scale systems worldwide, including government installations.

C-Byte's project-oriented offerings include consulting and professional services geared to help organizations re-architect their existing information technology infrastructure. In addition, the company partners closely with other open systems vendors to deliver complete solutions to its customers.

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