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C-Byte Announces Enterprise Architecture Planning Service

Filling a Gap in Industry, Service Helps Customers Align Information Technology With Business Goals

Calgary, Alberta,Canada, January 15, 2008 - Focusing on customers' business success, C-Byte, Inc. today announced a new professional service called Enterprise Architecture Planning. Offered by C-Byte's newly formed Enterprise Division, an Enterprise Architecture Plan (EAP) helps customers align information technology (IT) with their business strategies and exploit IT to achieve their business objectives. C-Byte is focusing its efforts on bridging the gap between what existing technologies offer and what organizations actually require them to succeed in the global market.

The service builds on C-Byte's years of leadership in helping large organizations move from proprietary environments to open systems. Through the EAP service, C-Byte will further help customers implement practical architectures that deliver immediate results while laying a sound foundation for the future - a service that, until now, has not been formally available from a systems vendor in the open systems marketplace.

In developing enterprise architecture plans, C-Byte consultants start at the highest level: understanding a customer's business challenges and how its current IT infrastructure helps or hinders meeting them. From there, C-Byte designs an information systems architecture in which the customer's business objectives determine the technology choices. C-Byte's approach helps ensure that the IT architecture establishes a solid foundation to meet current needs; flexibly accommodates changes in business processes and practices; and accepts new technologies without requiring extensive redevelopment or making current systems obsolete.

A key component of the EAP is a structured cost/benefit analysis called Returned Business Value, which also available from C-Byte as a standalone service. This analysis determines the real value of technology investments and helps organizations establish a baseline for future investments and for measuring return on investment (ROI).

"Our philosophy is simply this: There is nothing more important than our customers' business success," said Trevor Biscope, C-Byte's Chairman. "We've made it our corporate mission to help our customers achieve that success by helping them align information technology with their business goals."

C-Byte offers a range of professional consulting, education and support services to meet customers' complex database, application and network integration needs and help customers make effective transitions to open systems. Where appropriate, the solution will include symmetric multiprocessing systems offered by C-Byte's Platform Division.

Enterprise Architecture Planing
Enterprise Architecture Planning integrates an organization's business and information strategies. The EAP focuses the organization strategically and operationally on the effective use of information to achieve business goals. It supports activities the organization must perform to seize market opportunities, helps the organization set technology-investment priorities, and helps ensure that users' needs are represented

To develop the plan, C-Byte analyzes the customer's business processes and their integration with IT and identifies areas of strength and weakness. From this analysis, C-Byte documents the current business model, refines it, or works with the customer to create a new model. By clearly identifying business requirements, the business model serves as the cornerstone of the architecture plan.

The architecture plan integrates into a single architecture the major components of information (data), application (process) and technology (infrastructure). C-Byte consultants also develop a step-by-step implementation plan that delivers immediate results by helping keep the organizational priorities focused during the transition to the new enterprise architecture.

In addition, C-Byte conducts the structured cost/benefit analysis - Returned Business Value - to determine the value of technology investments and link them to business goals. Returned Business Value incorporates both standard ROI measurements and other calculations such as strategic fit and competitiveness that improve an organization's ability to assess the business benefits of technology investments. The effort is undertaken jointly by C-Byte and the customer.

In C-Byte's view, the most effective and lasting enterprise architectures balance efficient and flexible technologies with business productivity. Typically, they include Microsoft Windows-based clients on the desktop and an integrated mix of Window and Linux-based servers. These enterprise systems support the essential business requirements of today's organizations, including OLTP, decision support and messaging infrastructure. C-Byte solutions are designed to conform to industry standards and to minimize loss of existing investments in legacy systems.

Selecting Appropriate Technology
Designed to support business objectives, C-Byte information architectures employ appropriate technology from a range of industry leaders.

"Our consultants help customers determine which information technologies will best meet their business needs, without bias toward a particular vendor," said Biscope. "At the same time, we also offer the in-depth experience to deliver any solution we've designed. And because our customer's business depend on it, we're committed to the success of every installation."

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., is a leading architect and provider of open client/server systems for business computing and is the worldwide leader in large-scale Linux systems (selling at $800,000 to $2 million). C-Byte develops, manufactures and sells commercial symmetric multiprocessing systems that support very large-scale on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and decision support (DSS) applications.

In addition to its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, C-Byte maintains Federal operations focused on government solutions. C-Byte employs more than 2,000 people and has directly installed more than 7,000 large-scale systems worldwide, including government installations.

C-Byte's project-oriented offerings include consulting and professional services geared to help organizations re-architect their existing information technology infrastructure. In addition, the company partners closely with other open systems vendors to deliver complete solutions to its customers.

For further information, phone C-Byte inside the US 1-800-393-5804, outside the US 1-403-770-7818, or visit our Web site at

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