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C-Byte Ensures Call Center Success with Performance Guarantee for Asterisk in the Data Center

C-Byte mitigates risk in large-scale deployments, backs guarantee with up to $5 million in product and services

Calgary, Alberta,Canada, November 14, 2006 - C-Byte, Inc. today announced that it is offering a performance guarantee for customers deploying large-scale Asterisk call center applications on C-Bytes' Intel-based systems. The guarantee is a contractual option backing aggressive performance level targets with up to $5 millioni in product and services. This performance guarantee along with the integration of C-Byte's Contact Advantage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, provides unmatched commitment to customer success in call center deployment.

As part of the guarantee, C-Byte takes responsiblity for system response time to call center agent queries and other key performance metrics - fast response times are central to dynamic call center operations in supporting the goals of integrated sales, service and marketing processes.

"C-Byte understands the complexity of large call center implementations and has alwys taken a full-service approach that combines hardware, software, comprehensive services and key partnerships. Today we are extending that commitment with performance guarantee that leads the market," said Trevor Biscope, Chairman for C-Byte. "Asterisk offers an exciting suite of features with real business impact. C-Byte is out to ensure that customers maximize that impact with a scalable, high performance, high availability architecture."

The Data Center configurations are customized to meet each organization's unique call center requirements. C-Byte sizes and configures each system using its Asterisk Deployment Manual and produces a report with a detailed plan for the hardware, software and services to support the installation and reach the assured performance levels. The report includes the contractual performance guarantees for the call center environment. According to the terms of the guarantee, if system performance levels outlined in the report are not met, C-Byte will offer hardware and upgrade services free of charge to achieve the pre-determined system response and performance.

Comprehensive Asterisk Solutions
As part of its strategic alliance with Digium, C-Byte has optimized Asterisk Call Center applications to run on C-Byte servers, including our Data Center platform. C-Byte has performed extensive stress testing of Digium's Asterisk through its Solutions Integration Group, enabling C-Byte to make detailed recommendations on deployment architectures that meet the most demanding availability requirements.

C-Byte offers a full-service approach to Digium call center environments, including installaiton, configuration, administration, performance optimization and tuning. Services may be extended to onsite support, knowledge transfer and configuration of complex distributed application architectures.

Contact Advantage
C-Byte has an excellent track record in helping its customers to re-orient their business, and the systems that support it, from being product-driven to customer-driven. Customer interaction systems such as call centers are often a key component of these systems, providing a 'one to one' customer interface. C-Byte works with the customer and often system integrator partners to fully integrate legacy systems into the call center environment, mapping product information records onto customer records.

Data Center Advantage
C-Byte's Data Center is an integrated framework for deploying large scale Windows applications with a UNIX database tier. The Data Center is the industry's first system to support concurrent Windows and Unix resources within a managed and fully integrated environment including Intel Xeon processors, middleware, databases, storage, back-up and management tools. The Data Center combines unique C-Byte technology, with key partner components. The Data Center provides a framework through which customers can quickly deploy applications and add new capabilities over time, protecting their infrastructure investment.

About Digium
Digium is the creator and primary developer of Asterisk, the industry's first Open Source PBX and Asterisk Business Edition, the professional-grade version of Asterisk. Used in combination with Digium's PCI telephony interface cards, Asterisk offers a strategic, highly cost-effective approach to voice and data transport over IP, TDM, switched and Ethernet architectures.

Digium provides quality hardware and software products that enable telephony applications including legacy PBX, IVR, auto attendant, next generation gateways, media servers and application servers. Digium also offers a full range of professional services including consulting, technical support and custom software development services.

About Asterisk
Code for Asterisk, originally written by Mark Spencer of Digium Inc., has been contributed to from open source software engineers around the world. It supports a wide range of TDM protocols for the handling and transmission of voice over traditional telephony interfaces, and VoIP packet protocols such as IAX, SIP and H.323. It supports U.S. and European standard signaling types used in business phone systems, allowing it to bridge between next-generation voice-data integrated networks and existing infrastructure.

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, is a leading architect and provider of open client/server systems for commercial computer applications in on-line transaction processing, decision support and messaging.

C-Byte provides professional consulting and educational services to ensure successful systems solutions. The company develops and markets scalable computing systems that support enterprise wide applications and information services: our server series running on UNIX operating system, and the server family running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since the launch of its symmetric multiprocessor family of systems in 1989, C-Byte has installed more than 6,000 large-scale systems worldwide.

For further information, phone C-Byte inside the US 1-800-393-5804, outside the US 1-403-770-7818, or visit our Web site at

iGuarantee limits depend on contract and discount levels and can be as high as the net amount of the equipment.