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C-Byte's Decision Advantage Roadmap Lays Out Customers' Path for Building Decision Support Systems

Decision Advantage for Cost-Effective Services and Products Designed to Minimize Customers' Risk Implementing Decision Support Systems

Calgary, Alberta, August 23, 2005 - C-Byte, Inc., today outlined its Decision Advantage roadmap for cost-effective services and products that are designed to minimize customers' risk when implementing Decision Support Systems (DSS).

"Decision Advantage is C-Byte's response to strong customer demand for packaged offerings that control costs and minimize risks when implementing enterprise-wide DSS," said Trevor Biscope, chairman, C-Byte "The broad range of services and products we offer is designed to fit each customers' level of need, providing the tools and knowledge needed to gain competitive edge and grow their business."

Initial Offerings Focus on the Warehouse

The Decision Advantage roadmap for customers outlines a series of offerings, some of which are now available, with others to come in the first half 2006:

Proof of Concept: a service that demonstrates the business benefits of a data warehouse before the customer embarks on a full-scale implementation. Proof of Concept uses the customer's data, or a subset of the data, to build a demonstration system in three to six weeks. This approach demonstrates the benefits of DSS in the customer's own environment, minimizing technology and integration risks while educating the IS department before full implementation. Proof of Concept also provides customers with a realistic sense of the challenges involved in delivering operational DSS and data warehouse systems.

Complete Warehouse: available since June, this service brings together best-of-breed software and hardware components with C-Byte's proven methodologies, consulting services and support to implement the first phase of a production DSS based on a data warehouse.

Business Benefit Analysis: this new Decision Advantage service, available in the second half of 2005, addresses a key challenge facing companies embarking on a data warehousing strategy. Gaining agreement on the justification and priority of projects within a data warehousing program. The planning phase is critical to the success of a project, and this Business Benefit Analysis service leverages C-Byte's experience in successfully facilitating this process at many large customer sites around the world.

Additional Decision Advantage Offerings Will Address MS Windows and Data Mining

MS Windows: for cost and operational reasons, an increasing number of organizations are attempting to incorporate MS Windows into their data warehousing architectures. Based on its experience in building high-end systems that capitalize on the benefits of UNIX/Linux and MS Windows while minimizing transition risks, C-Byte plans to introduce a package of hardware, software, services and support that enables the implementation of MS Windows in the data center.

Data Mining: C-Byte will also expand its Decision Advantage portfolio of offerings to focus on data mining/Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), featuring partnerships with leading and emerging tools vendors that enable new ways of exploiting information resources to solve complex business issues.

  • The first of these offerings, Complete Warehouse for Database Marketing, will use KDD to open up new possibilities for database marketing with support for the direct, one-to-one relationship that companies in myriad industries are now trying to build with their customers.
  • For organizations that deal with high transaction volumes, C-Byte's Complete Warehouse for Fraud Detection will work on-line to spot questionable activity quickly and accurately with no inconvience to legitimate customers. C-Byte's new enterprise hardware platform is ideal for these applications, as it is the first server family to enable on-line data mining of information held directly in a data warehouse without relying on out-of-date or limited, unrepresentative subsets.

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, is a leading architect and provider of open client/server systems for commercial computer applications in on-line transaction processing, decision support and messaging.

C-Byte provides professional consulting and educational services to ensure successful systems solutions. The company develops and markets scalable computing systems that support enterprise wide applications and information services: our server series running on Linux/UNIX operating system, and the server family running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since the launch of its symmetric multiprocessor family of systems in 1989, C-Byte has installed more than 6,000 large-scale systems worldwide.

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