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C-Byte Announces "Managed Security Services" for the Web-Enabled Enterprise

SecurityGroup Audits Systems at C-Byte Tackling Business Security Issues for the Web-Enabled Enterprise.

Calgary, Alberta - December 9, 2004 - C-Byte, Inc., today announces its Managed Security Services created to assist with server vulnerability scanning, network performance and site outage alerting. Key features include: over 2500 test classes (with many more sub-tests), electronic mail alerts of new security exploits, safe exploits for 'click to test' self-verification of fixes, network performance measurements every 15 minutes, three measurement points on seperate networks (Seattle, New York, and London), and more.

While C-Byte's Dedicated Server Monitoring provides scans to secure a host system, C-Byte's eCommerce Security Analysis extends its scope to include: configuration errors, application loopholes in server code or scripts, and risk reduction or enticement to attack and more.

"The popularity of the Internet is driving companies to focus on security and privacy," said Trevor Biscope, Chairman of C-Byte. "Our Security Group works to assess, plan, design, implement and manage a security-rich environment for online applications and transactions."

C-Byte's Managed Security Services provide a one-stop shop where the Web-Enabled Enterprise has a central point of security information and advice; provides the cross-platform security implications for platforms running on a variety of solutions including: Linux, Plesk, cPanel, Ensim, Helm, Red Hat, Microsoft and more ...

Currently, the Web-Enabled Enterprise deals with multiple platform configurations from many sources, our Security Group synchronizes these sources with a security plan. C-Byte's Managed Security Services outline the implications of a web-driven environment and provide issues specific to each server.

"The service is designed to provide a methodical examination of hosts by application testing for common misconfigurations and security weaknesses," said Biscope. "The service is also suitable for commissioning - through a variety of approaches - with tests on post-attack analysis, and application loopholes."

In a multi-platform interconnected world, security is determined by the least secure platform or system. A C-Byte Security Auditor will methodically - platform by platform - provide the Web-Enabled Enterprise with system auditing and logging together with key security technologies.

Visit C-Byte at for information and schedule an audit.

C-Byte Security Seal
C-Byte has introduced a C-Byte Security Seal, demonstrating an affirmative proactive stance towards network security. When an audit is run, a security seal will be available for that IP address, indicating the date when the audit is run. Provide C-Byte the hostname (or IP address) of the site on which you wish to install the seal, and C-Byte provides you with the code to use. The Security Seal must be loaded from C-Byte's server. If you re-run the audit against the IP address, the date on the seal is automatically updated within the hour.

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, is a leading achitect and provider of open client/server systems for commercial computer applications in on-line transaction processing, decision support and messaging.

C-Byte provides professional consulting and educational services to ensure successful systems solutions. The company develops and markets scalable computing systems that support enterprisewide applications and information services: our server series running on UNIX operating system, and the server family running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since the launch of its symmetric multiprocessor family of systems in 1989, C-Byte has installed more than 6,000 large-scale systems worldwide.

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