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C-Byte Unveils Decision Advantage RM to Build Customer Loyalty, Profitability and Responsiveness in Financial Services, Retail and Telecom

Relationship Marketing solution targets marketing executives with modular offering of systems, services, best practices and partner technology

Calgary, AB - October 6, 2003 - C-Byte, Inc., today anncounced Decision Advantage RM, a proven relationship marketing systems solution designed to increase the loyalty, profitability and responsiveness of a company's most valued customers and prospects. Decision Advantage RM links corporate database marketing to data warehousing initiatives to build a highly coherent and customer-focused IT infrastructure. This gives corporate marketing executives a powerful competitive weapon without spending millions of dollars on false starts and proprietary development. A proof-of-concept service will be offered starting at $40K.

Decision Advantage RM is a modular solution beginning with project assessment and proof-of-concept services, continuing with data warehouse development with logical and physical design of the database and data integration processes, and extending through the implementation of data exploration and modeling tools and campaign management software.

Relationship Marketing (RM) institutes a repeatable process that helps marketing executives make better decisions and automate a level of continous improvement in their direct marketing campaigns. Decision Advantage RM provides the insight necessary to improve an organization's knowledge of its customers and prospects - fundamental to effective marketing and maximizing each contact for growth of long term satisfaction, revenue and profitablity.

"The key to being competitive is insight into customer behavior and the ability to act quickly - preferably in real-time. Marketers often struggle for 5% to 8% response rates in their direct marketing initiatives. They can hit 20% to 30% at a lower total cost, armed with right targets, messages and timing which an IT infrastructure should enable," said Trevor ßiscope, C-Byte's Chairman. "Decision Advantage RM is a cost-effective, fast track to a customer relationship marketing infrastructure that increases the velocity of marketing efforts while leveraging your existing technology investment."

C-Byte's Decision Advantage RM solution combines structured methodology and services for decision support with key partners solutions - such as data engineering, campaign management and customer modeling software - running on C-Byte's flexible server platforms. C-Byte's strategic partners include Business Objects, Data Tel Services, Exchange Applications, Information Advantage, MicroStrategy, Oracle, Point Information Systems, Prime Response, Prism/CFI, Quadstone and the SAS Institue.

Based on an open, flexible architecture, C-Byte's relationship marketing solution is highly customizable, leveraging existing source systems and easily incorporating external data sources to provide a single integrated view of customers and behavior. Tailored to each users needs, C-Byte's solutions range from an entry-point Proof-of-Concept program that allows users to evaluate the impact of Relationship Marketing before purchase and implementation of a system, up to a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management infrastructure that includes data warehousing, data marts, customer care systems and business applications.

"Many companies have known that a small percentage of their customer base account for the majority of sales," said ßiscope. "C-Byte's Decision Advantage RM solution allows those companies to successfully apply data mining techniques to precisely target and methodically develop that sweet spot - with focused campaigns to attract, reactivate, grow, nurture and defend customers. It is this kind of thoughtful application of technology that can increase profitablity and bring business success."

C-Byte's Relationship Marketing framework enables solutions that go beyond trend analysis and data mining capabilities for implementing marketing campaigns for tangible results. These solutions include:

- Customer retention
- Customer acquisition
- Cross selling
- Upgrading, or selling cutomers a high level of service or product
- Campaign Management
- Event-Driven Marketing
- Response Analysis
- Customer Qualification and Scoring

Extending Source Systems
By tightly integrating customer care/management systems (call center, customer services, self service) with relationship marketing, C-Byte's framework creates an integrated environment that captures and combines all relevant customer data for marketing decisions and campaigns. This lack of integration has been a major stumbling block for many relationship marketing initiatives, where information is held in isolation and difficult to access on the fly. The sales force data might be on one system, for example, telemarketing on another and data warehouse data on yet another server. Closing the loop between customer management and relationship marketing creates adaptive systems that result in reduced cycle time to create, execute, and evaluate campaigns and allow for timely, instantaneous changes in Web or telemarketing outreach.

About Decision Advantage
C-Byte's Decision Advantage offerings combine proven best practices and partners with C-Byte professional services and computer systems. In addition to a broad based data warehouse methodology, C-Byte has specific Decision Advantage offerings for Fraud Detection and Relationship Management.

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, is uniquely capable of delivering robust and scaleable Data Center Ready open systems solutions that are guaranteed to perform. C-Byte minimizes customers' risk, enabling implementation of complex business applications that support critical needs, based on C-Byte's architecture breakthrough, a comprehensive portfolio of proven migration services and offerings, and an established set of partnerships with the industry's best-in-class. For further information, phone C-Byte at 1-800-393-5804, or visit our World Wide Web site at , or purchase products at