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New Decision Support Service From C-Byte, Started With One-To-One Customer Relationship Marketing

Team Offers a Test Drive for their Leading-Edge Database Marketing Package

Calgary, AB - September 23, 2003 - C-Byte, Inc., today anncounced the immediate availability of the new Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Proof-of-Concept Service, utilizing C-Byte data warehousing hardware, marketing campaign methodology and services, and customer modeling software. This service allows clients to take a test drive through the Decision Advantage CRM solution, using the integrated database marketing decision support environment created to produce a customer behavior model for the client. The model is used to add value in the areas of customer acquisition, propensity to buy, retention, cross-selling, service usage, lifetime value, and credit risk.

The process of producing a customer behavior model involves loading a sample of the client's raw customer data onto the C-Byte data warehouse server, cleaning and appending the data, and then performing a market analysis of the data in parallel. The analysis is aimed at extracting the most valuable business insights from the data, and then applying these insights to create actionable marketing strategies which will deliver the most immediate impact to the bottom-line. Industries that can benefit from this service include retail, banking, insurance, financial services and telecommunications, amoung others. The CRM Proof-of-Concept service is provided at our facility in Calgary, Alberta.

In order to announce this new CRM Proof-of-Concept Service, C-Byte will conduct a series of Customer Relationship Marketing seminars in eight North American cities in October and November 2003. The seminar series offers an opportunity to meet notable industry CRM experts, and it highlights the team's free Needs Assessment Analysis Service. The Needs Assessment Analysis Service determines how to best apply the Proof-Of-Concept Service methodology to client data and business needs, insuring that the Proof-of-Concept Service will deliver powerful new database marketing strategies in less than 30 days.

The C-Byte Customer Relationship Marketing solution is aimed at large-scale database marketing problems for companies whose customers number from the hundreds-of-thousands into the millions. Using our unique combination of information technology and advanced database marketing methodologies, traditional marketing campaigns can be aimed at smaller, more focused groups, including targeting individuals, that is, One-to-One Marketing. These more finely-segmented marketing campaigns greatly increase the likelihood that a customer will positively respond and are less costly to run than more undifferentiated mass-market campaigns. One-to-One marketing campaigns also cause customers to perceive the seller as understanding their needs as individuals, increasing customer response levels, improving customer satisfaction and maximizing the lifetime value of a customer. The Decision Advantage CRM environment uses scalable data warehousing technology to capture detailed customer transactions, promotions, and campaign responses that allow continous improvement in customer management and care.

"Marketing executives have been hearing about One-to-One marketing for serveral years, but they have been unable to utilize the data generated inside their firms to mount effective One-to-One marketing campaigns," said Trevor ßiscope, Chairman of C-Byte. "Our Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing Proof-Of-Concept Service gives clients a low-risk opportunity to see how our technology harnesses client customer data and transforms it into an effect CRM solution."

One of the keys to successful One-to-One marketing is the historical capture of customer behavior at the lowest level of detail, namely, customer transactions. When customer bases run into the millions, capture of what can be petabyes of data requires a processing system that can master the task, and C-Byte Data Center Ready servers already house some of the largest open system customer transaction detail data warehouses, including sites at grocery chains, soft goods retailers, automotive manufacturers, telco and cellular providers, credit card operations, retail banks, and insurance companies.

Another barrier to One-to-One marketing in large customer bases has been the daunting job of analyzing such large customer data sets. Human analysis of millions of records using OLAP, query and statistical tools is very time consuming and costly. Manual analysis also typically covers only a small fraction of the available data and is likely to miss many interesting patterns hidden in the volumes of detail. What is needed is a scalable tool which automates the discovery of customer behavior, a process often called data mining. C-Byte's highly parallelized data mining capabilities are designed for the automated analysis of very large data sets, unlike the offerings of many competitors. Analysis that would take months using traditional methods can be done in hours or days using highly parallel tool sets.

In addition, C-Byte's tightly integrated multiple tool customer intelligence suite includes a highly sophisticated 3-dimensional visualization system designed to help marketing executives make the most effective use of its discovered information. The 3-D visual presentation delivers the highest amount of information content with the least amount of effort invested in comprehension. All levels of marketing staff will be able to utilize the discovered information much more effectively than before, not just top-level market analysts.

With the data warehouse at its center and our decision support methodology and tool set driving the process, the Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing offering is a full marketing campaign lifecycle solution. The solution covers:

1.   Automated data-driven customer behavior analysis.
2.   A targeted marketing campaign design based on the behavior analysis.
3.   Prospect targeting with individualized marketing messages.
4.   Campaign delivery.
5.   Automated data warehouse tracking of the resulting customer behavior changes.
6.   Data-driven analysis of the campaign results, all of which is typically used
      to create a revised campaign that goes through the same process, again and again.

Complete Decision Advantage Customer Relationship Marketing solutions can be insourced at the customer site or outsourced to Decision Support, who can conduct the full marketing campaign lifecycle solution for the client.

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