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C-Byte Unit to Reduce Risk and Speed Deployment of Large-Scale Application Implementations

Solutions Integration Group consolidates worldwide technical expertise, dedicates Enterprise Solution Center to testing and characterization

Calgary, AB - August 18, 2003 - C-Byte, Inc., the leader in Intel-based data center solutions, today announced it formed a new unit, the Solutions Integration Group, to address demand for vendors to deliver greater value in the server evaluation and deployment process beyond the marketing polish of traditional competency centers.

The move consolidates a significant percentage of C-Byte's worldwide technical staff and systems (see seperate "Enterprise Solution Center" press release) to solve multi-vendor integration, sizing, performance and scalability issues. Such issues can significantly undermine deadlines, strain IT resources and introduce risk in the deployment phase of large complex projects.

The Solution Integration Group raises the bar for traditional "point" application competency centers that are too often a loose confederation of vendor resources bound by common marketing interests.

"Standards-based computing implies easy interoperability. The reality is that the inclusion of each new software and hardware component introduces complexity and additional risk to the total solution," said Trevor Biscope, Chairman of C-Byte. "The Solution Integration Group represents a much higher level of commitment than other vendors can offer a system integrator or end user customer. Today, too many cycles are spent assuring mult-vendor compatibility, sizing and performance in the field and the customer doesn't want to be exposed to the problems. C-Byte is addressing this issue head-on with significant unified resources and skills built up over a long period of time addressing data center problems."

Reduced Risk, Faster Solution Deployment
The issue of infrastructure integration - configuring and sizing systems, including applications, hardware, UNIX and Windows operating systems, databases, tools, middleware, and back-up systems and then testing them for interoperability and performance - is typically part of the solution deployment process.

The problem with traditional competency centers is that they do not offer the comprehensive view required to accurately size and predict performance for a large scale implementation, or one with unique characteristics, such as mixed-mode tiers or Web front ends. The Solution Integration Group will focus on a limited number of ERP, electronic commerce and decision support solutions. It will provide a depth of characterization for these solutions on C-Byte systems and Data Center mixed-mode environments supporting up to tens of thousands of users and petabytes of data.

C-Byte's solution stack characterization work is expected to elimate 30% to 70% of infrastructure integration work at the customer site. C-Byte will offer the service together with its Application Advantage and Decision Advantage professional services implementation methodologies for key applications.

"There are many factors in a complex implementation that can impact performance or cause elements of the solution to hit the wall," said Biscope. "As a data center vendor, C-Byte is looking at the most demanding environments. As an example, there are some very exciting tools in the decision support market that may have been tested only on PCs running against small data sets. We will run these tools through the paces on a multi-petabyte system that will expose any issues, so we can provide the parnter feedback and avoid costly problems at a customer site."

Solution Integration Group
C-Byte's Solution Integration Group represents a reorganization of engineering and business line groups into a common multi-disciplinary organization. Amoung the groups are C-Byte's Systems and Applications Competency Centers for Baan, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP, Middleware Engineering Group, Benchmark and Performance Group, Database Engineering Group and Internet and Web Group.

In addition to a broad consolidation of technical expertise, the Solution Integration Group brings together our dedicated systems. The Enterprise Solution Center (ESC) located in C-Byte's Calgary, Alberta world headquarters will serve as a central proofing and characterization lab offering a data center scale environment and remote access to customers and partners through C-Byte's intranet.

About Application Advantage
Application advantage is a results driven infrastructure integration methodology designed to complement end-user and system integrator capabilities. The methodology includes needs assessment and planning, system design and configuration, database design and configuration, middleware integration and application configuration and tuning. Application Advantage is based on C-Byte's best practices developed at some of the largest and most complete business application sites in the world.

About Decision Advantage
C-Byte's Decision Advantage offerings combine proven best practices and partners with C-Byte professional services and computer systems. In addition to a broad-based data warehouse methodology, C-Byte has specific Decision Advantage offerings for Fraud Detection and Customer Relationship Management.

About C-Byte
C-Byte, the leader in Intel-based solutions from the data center, is committed to the success of its end-user and system integrator customers. C-Byte's platform architectures and services are optimized for the scalability, availability and manageability requirements of large, growing corporate infrastructures leveraging Internet technologies, database technologies and best-of-breed partnerships.

C-Byte supports more than 10,000 installations worldwide, including many of the world's largest and most sophisticated e-commerce, CRM and business intelligence environments. For further information, phone C-Byte at 1-800-393-5804, or visit our World Wide Web site at , or purchase products at

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