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The 2003-2004 Golden Web Award For International Business!

Presented by the International Association of Web Masters & Designers

Wellington, FL - May 28, 2003 - C-Byte has been reviewed and choosen from a panel, representing over 145 countries worldwide, to bear the 2003 - 2004 Golden Web Award for International Business. Presented in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web. Award sponsors and affiliates include some of the worlds largest and most respected companies, including: GE, Microsoft, Hertz, Amoco, TTI, Budget, FTD, Alamo, BigBallot, NBCi, and American Greetings.

About International Association of Web Masters & Designers (I.A.W.M.D.)
The I.A.W.M.D., which was founded in 1997 and is today supported by 310,000 members and affiliates in 145 counties worldwide. This association is dedicated to better relationships as well as interactivity between developers and surfers, instilling web-based confidence and contributing to a talented web development community.

The I.A.W.M.D. is promoting development and integrity in the internet community through voluntary self-regulation and administration, as well as web master and web surfer interaction. The awards programs allow webmasters to compete for and display various awards and achievements of recognition, for their work and creativity in website design and content, upon evaluation and confirmation of award requirements.

The I.A.W.M.D., by way of its membership, seeks to promote and share related education and awareness, informational networking, recognition and strategic alliances between the association and other internet related organizations and affiliations. In addition, the association continually seeks to provide new opportunities and benefits worldwide to its members. For further information, write Darin Carter at, or visit the World Wide Web site at

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, is uniquely capable of delivering robust and scalable Data Center Ready open systems solutions that are guaranteed to perform. C-Byte's platform archietectures and services are optimized for the scalability, availability and manageability requirements of corporate and institutional data center environments leveraging industry standard technologies and best-of-breed partnerships.

C-Byte's architecture leverages the commodity power of Intel-based processor boards, which C-Byte has business-hardened to meet the most extreme commerical computing requirements. Four-processor boards, or quads, are connected within a single server by C-Byte's innovation. Transfering data between quads at the rate of one gigabyte per second, so quickly that many processors can be linked together yet still appear to the database applications as a single, shared-memory system.

C-Byte's platform scales well beyond the limits of all existing SMP systems - up to 252 processors or 63 quads connected seamlessly - to meet customers' current and future computing demands. In addition, preserves customers' investment by ensuring full binary compatibility with existing SMP applications. For further information, phone C-Byte at 1-800-393-5804, or visit our World Wide Web site at , or purchase products at

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