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Decision Advantage ™

Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Rolled Out

Calgary, AB - March 3, 2003 - C-Byte rolled out its new decision support program, Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), in late 2002.

New Decision Advantage
This program is aimed at organizations that want to better understand the requirements and behavior of their customers. C-Byte's Decision Advantage for CRM program includes data mining and campaign management tools from SAS and Quadstone. In North America, C-Byte has also teamed with a direct marketing services firm, to offer a low-risk CRM proof-of-concept. Companies that have used CRM techniques have often seen a three-to-five-fold increase in marketing effectiveness, helping retain or win back their most profitable customers, increasing share of their customers' business, and attracting new customers with a favorable profile.

The Business Advantage
C-Byte's Data Center framework is the IT foundation for a responsive enterprise. C-Byte's Contact Advantage, Application Advantage and Decision Advantage business solutions make up the services and integrated software that tie everything together - customer interaction applications, enterprise resource planning software and powerful databases and decision support tools. Together our Data Center and the Advantage suite of solutions deliver business advantage and technology flexibility to the customer-focused organization.

About C-Byte, Inc.
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, is uniquely capable of delivering robust and scalable Data Center Ready open systems solutions that are guaranteed to perform. C-Byte's platform architectures and services are optimized for the scalability, availability and manageability requirements of corporate and institutional data center environments leveraging industry standard technologies and best-of-breed partnerships.

Central to C-Byte's customer success focus are solution programs for its end-user and system integrator customers. These programs bundle C-Byte platforms, services, partner products and best practices in three critical areas: customer relationship management systems, decision support, and business ERP applications.

C-Byte focuses on direct and system integrator-leveraged sales to corporate customers and other large organizations, working alongside best-of-breed partners such as EMC, Intel, Oracle, Siebel, Informix, and Computer Associates.

With products installed in the following countries:
Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States.

With distributor partners in:
Bahrain, Brunei, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Yugoslavia/Serbia.

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