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Dedicated Server Series

Press Releases  

Welcome to Press Releases.
Here you'll discover new press releases on our site. Be sure to stop here often to find the latest information and locations.

Vegas™ Corporate Headquarters
Vegas Focuses on Direct and Operator-Leveraged Success from Celebrity Events and Mega Casino-Hotel Resorts World Wide
June 14, 2018 -- C-Byte would like to welcome you to Vegas and show our thanks by providing you with the basics of how to contact the Board of Directors to provide comments, to report concerns, or to ask a question.

Announcement: Free New C-Byte Advertiser User Orientation
Professional pay-per-click/pay-per-impression advertising to the highest bidder in real-time
October 24, 2017 -- C-Byte offers advertising that sends visitors directly to advertisers, with broader channels that include translation, rich media, floating-ads, and post/pre-roll.

New Vegas Match Bonus Upto $5000 US on Pay-Per-Click
C-Byte Will Match Your Vegas License Tier With a Bonus Deposit on Pay-Per-Click
October 10, 2017 -- C-Byte provides very high quality traffic for internet business owners, and sends visitors directly to advertisers. C-Byte visitors come from search engines, and simple word of mouth. What makes C-Byte visitors unique is that people are on the site to do business.

Free New C-ByteDirect Vegas Brand Orientation
Learn how to transform your Celebrity Event and Casino-Hotel Resort with direct or operator-leveraged licensing in as little as 60 days
December 14, 2016 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. recent initiative is a Commercial Capital Project: 'Vegas Brand' - A major Las Vegas Adult Entertainment initiative, announced by C-Byte, will result in the development of standard C-Byte technology used in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Announcement: Free New Projects@C-Byte User Orientation
Learn how to maximize your efforts online, connecting programmers with webmasters
August 23, 2016 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. offers a service that connects programmers with webmasters that need custom programming done for their websites, webmasters post projects and interested programmers bid on them.

Free New C-ByteDirect Financial Management Data Center Orientation
Learn how to transform your organization's financial management in as little as 60 days
August 16, 2016 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. financial management and decision support systems packages offer hardware, software and services for complete financial management solutions.

New C-ByteDirect Refugee Service
Help! I'm a Refugee and I Need Sanctuary From My Terrible Provider!
November 30, 2015 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. refugee service is now open to everyone who is disillusioned with their current provider.

C-Byte Selects FiberCloud to Manage Information Technology Infrastructure
C-Byte and FiberCloud work to map future implementations of linux environments
January 6, 2015 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. today announced it has selected FiberCloud to be it's North American Internet Service Provider (ISP).

C-Byte Reports Project Vegas Brand is Ahead of Schedule
Next Generation 64-bit Vegas Brand Up and Running on Intel Itanium
August 4, 2014 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. today said they have successfully completed initial tests of the Project Vegas Brand running on Itanium IA-64 architecture.

C-Byte Announces Activation of World Wide Web Sites
C-Byte designed and developed what demonstrates the company's technical and consulting expertise
July 29, 2014 -- C-Byte Company, Inc., today announced the debut of C-Byte Online, a World Wide Web (WWW) site where customers, investors, journalists, analysts, business partners and anyone else with Internet access can obtain a wide range of up-to-the-minute information about C-Byte.

C-Byte To Expand Las Vegas Headquarters
Groundbreaking ceremony to kick off new C-Byte Headquarters
May 29, 2014 -- C-Byte Company, Inc. expansion follows the successful launch of C-Byte's new line of computer systems targeting very large commercial installations. Recent deals, including one with Vegas License International, have signaled significant market acceptance.

C-Byte Signs on with SugarCRM; Delivers Best of Linux and Windows in the Data Center for SugarCRM
Focused on large scale SugarCRM, C-Byte offers excellent price/performance, scalability and investment protection in a proven Intel-based environment
March 4, 2008 -- C-Byte,Inc. the leader in Intel-based data center solutions, today announced a proven mixed Linux and Windows environment offering optimal price/performance, scalability and control for large scale deployment of SugarCRM software.

C-Byte Announces Enterprise Architecture Planning Service
Filling a Gap in Industry, Service Helps Customers Align Information Technology With Business Goals
January 15, 2008 Focusing on customers' business success, C-Byte, Inc. today announced a new professional service called Enterprise Architecture Planning.

C-Byte Ensures Call center Success with Performance Guarantee for Asterisk in the Data Center
C-Byte Mitigates Risk in Large-Scale Deployments, Backs Guarantee With Up To $5 Million in Product and Services
November 14, 2006 C-Byte, Inc. today announced that it is offering a performance guarantee for customers deploying large-scale Asterisk call center applications on C-Byte's Intel-based systems.

C-Byte's Decision Advantage Roadmap Lays Out Customers' Path for Building Decision Support Systems
Decision Advantage for Cost-Effective Services and Products Designed to Minimize Customers' Risk Implementing Decision Support Systems
August 23, 2005 C-Byte, today outlined its Decision Advantage roadmap for cost-effective services and products that are designed to minimize customers' risk in implementing Decision Support Systems (DSS).

C-Byte's All-In-One Program, Complete Warehouse, Offers Deployment of Production Data Warehouse in 90 Days
Establishes C-Byte as Premier Provider of Best-of-Breed Components and Services for Rapid Implementation of Decision Support Systems
June 28, 2005 Building on its reputation, C-Byte, Inc. unveiled Complete Warehouse, it's first packaged offering for deployment of an operational data warehouse/decision support system (DSS) within 90 days.

C-Byte Expands Array of Customer Services to Become Single-Point-of-Contact for Linux and Windows in the Data Center
Expanded portfolio optimizes availability, manageability, lower risk, and TCO
May 17, 2005 C-Byte, Inc. today reinforced it's commitment to customer success, announcing a significant expansion of its services portfolio to address end-to-end enterprise requirements.

C-Byte Supports MySQL 5.0, the Database for e-Business Computing
C-Byte Leverages MySQL Scalability and Partitioning; Supports More Users, More Data and Faster Query Responses
May 3, 2005 C-Byte, Inc., the leading supplier of open Data Center Ready systems, today announced support for MySQL 5.0, the Database for e-Business Computing, on C-Byte's family of servers.

C-Byte Head Taps Global Business Alliances
Looking Past $1 Billion in Revenues, C-Byte Moves to Leverage Momentum to Broaden Relationships with Key Partners and Systems Integrators
April 21, 2005 C-Byte, Inc., today announced a new Global Business Alliances initiative. A major initiative aimed to drive the company's sales, support and professional services capabilities to gain incremental business by leveraging key applications partners and select systems integrators.

C-Byte Launches Innovative Loyalty Initiative, Rewarding Both Existing and New Customers
Professional Referral Outreach (R.R.O.) Program Benefits All C-Byte Users.
March 9, 2005 C-Byte, Inc., today announced a new and innovative loyalty program that benefits both existing and new customers.

C-Byte Announces "Managed Security Services" for the Web-Enabled Enterprise
SecurityGroup Audits Systems at C-Byte Tackling Business Security Issues for the Web-Enabled Enterprise
December 9, 2004 C-Byte, Inc., today announces its Managed Security Services created to assist with server vulnerability scanning, network performance and site outage alerting.

C-Byte Delivers "Fibre-Like" Data Communications Through a Dedicated Server Series
C-Byte Scales Speeds From 1.5 Mbps to 100 Mbps with Integrated Wireless Technology
June 17, 2004 Today Terago Networks and C-Byte teamed up to add "Fibre-Like" communications to deliver data around the world.

C-Byte Unveils Decision Advantage RM to Build Customer Loyalty, Profitability and Responsiveness in Financial Services, Retail and Telecom
Relationship Marketing Solution Targets Marketing Executives With Modular Offering of Systems, Services, Best Practices and Partner Technology
October 6, 2003 C-Byte, Inc., today announced Decision Advantage RM, a proven relationship marketing systems solutions designed to increase the loyalty, profitability and responsiveness of a company's most valued customers and prospects.

New Decision Support Service From C-Byte, Started With One-To-One Customer Relationship Marketing
Team Offers a Test Drive for their Leading-Edge Database Marketing Package
September 23, 2003 C-Byte, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of the new Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Proof-of-Concept Service, utilizing C-Byte data warehouse hardware, marketing campaign methodology and services, and customer modeling software.

C-Byte Unit to Reduce Risk and Speed Deployment of Large-Scale Application Implementations
Solutions Integration Group consolidates worldwide technical expertise, dedicates Enterprise Solutions Center to testing and characterization
August 18, 2003 C-Byte, Inc., the leader in Intel-based data center solutions, today announced it formed a new unit, the Solutions Integration Group, to address demand for vendors to deliver greater value in the server evaluation and deployment process beyond the marketing polish of traditional competency centers.

C-Byte Delivers High Availability for Data Centers and e-Business: Offers Guarantees and Unveils Uptime Survey Results
C-Byte systems exceed 99.987% uptime for large systems over one year period; achieve 99.999% at largest customer
June 20, 2003 C-Byte, the leader in Intel-based data center and e-business solutions, today became the first server vendor to offer customer production site statistics to back up its data center and e-business high availability program.

C-Byte Unveiled New Enterprise Solutions Center

April 7, 2003 C-Byte opened its state of the art data center, The Enterprise Solutions Center (ESC) completed early in 2002.

C-Byte Rolled Out Its New Decision Support Program, Decision Advantage for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
March 3, 2003 This program is aimed at organizations that want to better understand the requirements and behavior of their customers.

C-Byte Company, Inc.
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