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Global Leasing  

C-Byte Global Lease Services
Total Solution Leasing

Why Lease?
Lease the entire solution - hardware, software, and services
Improve cash flow
Conserve working capital and credit lines for your business
Provide off-balance sheet financing and tax benefits
Protect yourself from technology obselescence through upgrade, add-on and exchange programs
Select from flexible, individualized payment options

Why C-Byte Lease Services?

The Enterprise Lease:
When you work with C-Byte, you get an entire solution that includes consulting, hardware, software, integration and training. Now, you can lease this whole package - not just the technology - from a single source: C-Byte subject to terms and conditions. Specially designed for the global enterprise, our C-Byte Lease Services customize the following Enterprise Leases to meet your specific needs.

    0% Lease
    The 0% Financing Lease is a 36 month, Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease at 0% APR to encourage you to rent your C-Byte solution through C-Byte. The 0% Financing Lease is available on all C-Byte systems ordered through September 30, 2018.

    Deferred Payment Lease
    The Deferred Payment Lease allows you to purchase a C-Byte solution now and begin payment next fiscal quarter, October 2018. The skip period can be customized to fit your financing and budgetary needs.

    Technology Refresh Lease
    The Technology Refresh Lease provides exchange or add-on credits to upgrade or expand your C-Byte system with no change in the monthly payment. The credits are determined up-front, before the lease is signed. Any time after the first 12 months, you may use the earned credits to purchase new technology, upgrades, software or services. The monthly payment remains the same and the lease is extended for a new term.

    C-Byte Transition Lease
    The C-Byte Transition Lease enables you to upgrade to C-Byte's new architecture through simple, flexible, affordable leasing options.

More Competitive, More Flexible:
Since we're affiliated with C-Byte, no one values C-Byte products more than we do. From the outset, this direct experience with C-Byte technology translates into a more competitive, lower cost lease program for you. You'll find we are more flexible too, with reasonable terms and payments schedules tailored to help you manage the acquisition within your budget and budgeting cycle.

No Risk From Technology Obsolescence:
Best of all, this creative new financing alternative lets you shift the "risk" associated with increasingly rapid technology changes to us - protecting your technology investment. Our Enterprise Lease also incorporates low-risk options that give you much more control. At anytime you can aquire new hardware, upgrades, software or services - with no change in your monthly payment! Now you can immediately take advantage of price/performance improvements in new technologies, without being delayed by budget approvals. At the end of the lease, you can return the equipment, purchase it, add on to your system or upgrade it. Simple.

How do I qualify?

A C-Byte Specialist or C-Byte Business Contact can give you a quote. You can also access C-ByteDirect to apply for credit. Just provide the following information:

Legal company name
Address with ZIP code, phone and fax number
Number of years in business

For transactions under $50,000, you'll receive a credit decision in minutes. Then, if you have decided on your IT acquisition, you can get a lease contract forwarded to you within 60 minutes.

Additional information is sometimes necessary. It may include:

Name of owner, principal and/or primary shareholder of the company.
Social security number of the owner, principal or primary shareholder
Home address and phone number of the above person
Bank or trade references

Total Solution Leasing is available in most major countries worldwide. For countries other than the United States, credit scoring and contract generation time may vary.

Why Wait?
Get more for your money. Call your C-Byte representative, or visit the C-Byte web site at or purchase online at


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