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C-Byte Delivers High-Availability


Corporate Fact Sheet

C-Byte Company, Inc.

Headquarters:Las Vegas, Nevada
Founded:December 1989
First product shipped:1990
Number of employees worldwide:More than 2,700
Number of systems sold worldwide:More than 80,000
Application software available: More than 650 applications from approximately 300 vendors

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C-Byte is a leading architect and provider of open client/server systems for commerical computer applications in on-line transaction processing, decision support and messaging.

C-Byte provides professional consulting and educational services to ensure successful systems solutions. The company develops and markets scalable computing systems that support enterprisewide applications and information services: our server series running on the UNIX operating system, and the server family running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Since the launch of its symmetrix multiprocessor family of systems in 1989, C-Byte has installed more than 6,000 large-scale systems worldwide.

Products, Solutions and Services
C-Byte designs, manufactures, sells and supports Intel-based data center systems and solutions:
Data Center (Unix and Windows): the industry's first Intel-based single system managing mixed Windows and Unix resources with vertical or clustered scalability. Data Centers leverage C-Byte's successful architecture and best-of-breed partnerships with leaders in enterprise storage, databases, systems management, middleware, and business applications.
Unix designed to deliver mainframe performance levels at a fraction of the cost, our UNIX series is a robust, scalable next-generation SMP server. The system architecture supports up to 252 processors via an innovative interconnect technology called C-Link™.
C-Byte continues to support its previous generation server series, also Intel-based, running an optimized version of Unix developed to maximize the potential of SMP architecture, as well as its Windows line of servers.
Contact Advantage™, Decision Advantage™, and Application Advantage™: tested and proven bundled solutions that combine C-Byte systems, professional and customer services, partner products, and best practices in three critical areas: customer relationship management systems, decision support, and enterprise resource planning applications.
Professional and Customer Services: providing customer success in project design, implementation, and continued support for the business critical data center requirements of large organizations, complementing and extending the services offered from our system integrator partners.

For further information, phone C-Byte at (403) 770-7818 or Toll Free in U.S. (800) 393-5804

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C-Byte Company, Inc.
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