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Executive Team

C-Byte's position as an industry leader in developing and delivering large-scale system solutions is supported by the vision and creative leadership of our executive team.

C-Byte Executive Team:
Trevor Biscope
Lenard Biscope
Martin Jarvis
Richard Newman
Przemysław Kościelski
Maira Mendoza
Bianca Paris
Dr. K. Kamal
Percy Pyra

Alumni Executive Board

trevor biscope photo Trevor D. Biscope
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Trevor serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of C-Byte, which he founded in 1989. Trevor is the long term president, and the driving force behind the company's mission and objectives. Most notably, Trevor was the operator of the mainframe system at Renaissance Resources, where in 2000 Husky Oil agreed to the planned purchase; studied Computer Information Systems at DeVry University, after serving in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corp (Cavalry), before moving C-Byte to Las Vegas, Nevada; has operated a computer system that managed business worth over one billion dollars.

Trevor is Chief Executive of Vegas, which he established in 2009, the president of managing member. Trevor is regularly invited to speak at engagements - including live radio, television, conferences, and forums - from entrepreneurship and internet to business. He is the author of an intellectual property portfolio of a brand rated 2nd in the United States by New York design agency Landor Associates (2007); of a brand rated 8th in the world by Saffron Brand Consultants (2014); in a programming language rated #1 in the world by IEEE Spectrum (2016).

Most notable achievement, as a chosen Founding Board Advisor: A corporation agreed to the planned purchase and takeover of over 9 nightclubs/discothèques, 22 casinos, and 1700 retail sportsbooks completed in a year, for over RD$4.7 billion, to yield a combined corporation valued at over RD$26.3 billion.

Trevor grew up surrounded by some of the most beautiful polo horses from around the world; is a member of the United States Polo Association (Registered Polo Player), established in 1890, has over 30 member clubs, 40 national tournaments; is 5-Star Rated International (ISO/IEC) Master Programmer (ONReady™) by Freelancer Technology (formerly ScriptLance™ 2001 World's 5th Largest Marketplace) showcased in over 50 projects than span more than fifteen years; is a third-generation member of the American Legion.

For enquiries relating to speaking, please email

lenard biscope photo
Gold Seal Certified (GSC)
Lenard D. Biscope
Chief Financial Officer

Lenard is one of the initial members of the C-Byte team, joining the firm as it was founded in 1989; brings more than four decades of experience moving up through corporate ranks in positions with Ellisdon Corporation, and PCL (formerly Pool Construction). Lenard serves as Chief Financial Officer of C-Byte, secretary/treasurer, and has had multiple tours of duty at C-Byte. Most notably, Lenard held his position as Superintendent on sites that include the City of Calgary Maintenance Building's ($70M), the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta ($120M), the Bentall Five Tower in Vancover, British Columbia ($50M), and the International Airport Expansion in Calgary, Alberta ($70M); has managed business worth over 115 million dollars.

Lenard is Financial Manager at Vegas License International, secretary/treasurer managing member, and is an active independent businessman.

Lenard independently volunteered to build a new home fulfilling Patricia Wheatley and her eleven children's dream, with appreciation from For the Love of Children Society of Alberta, Canada; raised over $200k pro gratis in labour and materials; received a gold - khata - offering after a blessing by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, as part of a very ancient Buddhist tradition of gratitude and respect.

Lenard is rated a Gold Seal Certified (GSC) Superintendent by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). He holds documentation from University of Calgary in Construction Administration (1999); Province of Ontario, Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) Inter-Provincial Trade Certificate for General Carpenter (1975); Algonquin College Carpentry Trade Program (1975); is a second-generation member of the American Legion.

martin jarvis photo Martin Jarvis
Vice President, European Operations

Martin joined C-Byte in February 2009; was recruited as a Director before being promoted to Vice President European Operations in 2013. Martin brings C-Byte more than two decades of experience; is in charge of the strategy and oversees the carry out of C-Byte into Europe, measuring and reporting on results. Prior to joining C-Byte, Martin has held similar positions with Rolls-Royce, and VeriFone; has a history of moving up through corporate ranks; has managed business worth over 200 million dollars.

Martin sits on the Board of Management; is Manager, European Operations at Vegas License International, vice president managing member; is a sublicensed professional businessman.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Studies from Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland (1995).

richard newman photo
AV-Rated Martindale-Hubbell
Richard H. Newman
Chief Legal Officer

Richard brings C-Byte more than two decades of experience, including existing roles before the State of Nevada (2003), State of New York (2000), State of Connecticut (2008); the United States Patent and Trademark Office (1997). Richard serves as in house legal, recruited through the military, as a director in 2014. Most notably, Richard spent over a decade in the gaming industry in Las Vegas Nevada, was the intellectual property attorney to Shuffle Master, where in 2013 Bally Technogies agreed to the purchase; is the proactive risk-based counsel behind the firm's data issues, compliance, and business management; has managed business worth over 200 million dollars.

Richard is Legal Manager at Vegas License International, director managing member, and is an active professional businessman.

Richard is a member of Martindale-Hubbell, an organization established in 1868, with online destinations for over one million lawyers and firms in the United States, Canada and 160 other countries.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College (1994) and holds a Juris Doctor from Pace University School of Law (1999), and is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

Przemyslaw Koscielski photo Przemysław Kościelski
Board Advisor

Przemysław joined C-Byte in August 2017; was recruited as an advisor with a direct referal from Unizeto (Asseco Group 2015) - one of Poland's oldest IT companies (1965) - with headquarters in Szczecin, Poland. Przemysław is a Manager, focused in commercial digital certificates to certify ownership; holds a similar management position with Asseco Data Systems; has a history of working up through corporate ranks. Przemysław brings C-Byte more than six years of experience; is in charge of the strategy and oversees the carry out of C-Byte from Poland's presence in Europe.

Przemysław sits as a Board Advisor to Vegas License International, and is a professional businessman.

Przemysław's family is committed to animal welfare, culture & art, citizen's rights & social actions, and health.

Przemysław holds a Master of Engineering with a major in Zootechnika / Zootechnician, from West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland (2009); holds documentation from Delta Business School as a Veterinary Technika / Technician (2012); holds a certificate from The British International School Ukraine in Advanced Level English.

Angielski/English - Polski/Polish

Maira Mendoza photo Maira Mendoza
Board Advisor

Maira joined C-Byte in 2016 recruited as an advisor with a direct military referral. Maira is a broker, focused in commercial management; has a history of moving up through corporate ranks. As a Board Advisor, Maira contributes to the strategy and roll out of commercial automotive management in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Maira sits as a Board Advisor to Vegas License International, and is an active professional businesswoman.

Maira's family is commited to the nation's largest woman's patriotic civic organization - the American Legion Auxiliary.

Maira holds an Associate of Arts degree with a Business major from the University of Phoenix; is a member of the American Legion.

Español - Hablo/Escribo

Bianca Paris photo Bianca Paris
Board Advisor

Bianca joined C-Byte in March 2015. Bianca is an executive recruited as a Clinic Director, focused in Clinical Data Management.

As a Board Advisor, Bianca contributes to the strategy and roll out of medical research facilities and compliance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bianca sits as a Board Advisor to Vegas License International, and is a sublicensed independent businesswoman.

Dr. K. Kamal photo Dr. K. Kamal
Senior Board Advisor

Dr. Kamal is a Allopathic and Osteopathic Physician - a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist - in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Kamal brings C-Byte over three decades of experience, with existing roles in California and Nevada before many hospitals including Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, Health South Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson, St Rose Dominican Hospitals - San Martín Campus, and Health South Desert Canyon Rehabilitation Hospital.

Dr. Kamal sits as a Senior Board Advisor to Vegas License International, and is a sublicensed independent businessman.

Dr. Kamal graduated as a Doctor of Medicine with honors from University of Nebraska College of Medicine in 1984.

Percy C. Pyra
Founding Board Advisor

Percy brings C-Byte more than four decades of experience, with an existing role before the Province of Alberta (1971). Percy is the principal of the second generation, specialized in civil litigation, at Kelly & Kelly in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta's oil sands has the third largest oil reserves in the world, after Venezula and Saudi Arabia. Most notably, Percy is a founding advisor to Renaissance Resources, where in 2000 Husky Oil agreed to the purchase for 2.06 billion [US] dollars, that resulted in one of the largest publicly traded oil companies.

Percy sits as a Founding Board Advisor to Vegas License International, and is an active independent businessman.

Ann and Percy Pyra's family is committed to the preservation of the history of animals from all over the world.

Percy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary; a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of British Columbia.

Alumni Executive Board

Serving as a bridge between C-Byte and the broader alumni executive community, this board helps to inform ongoing priorities and future direction of management, with emphasis on initiatives pertaining to alumni services and engagement. The Alumni Executive Board is an important component of the firms leadership structure, and provides Alumni leaders with the opportunity to share their expertise.

Trevor D. Biscope
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

For enquires relating to alumni, please email

Jeffrey P. McAmmond photo Jeffrey P. McAmmond, B.Comm. 2005
Principle, Rain City Bottling Inc. · Manager, WhiteGates LLC
Board Advisor, 2016-2017

Jeffrey was recruited by an alumnus in 2016, as a commercial bottling executive, with a series of spring mountain water leases each provisioned in excess of 65,000 gallons daily. As a Board Advisor, Jeffrey is in charge of the strategy and oversees the carry out of commercial bottling into Las Vegas, Nevada. Jeffrey has had his seat on a certification committee - Biodynamic Agriculture Society of British Columbia (2006) - for over a decade, and managed commercial business worth over 15 million dollars.

Jeffrey sits as a Board Advisor to Vegas License International, and is an active professional businessman.

Jeffrey volunteers in product quality assurance at a local Organic Leafy Greens Farm.

Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Finance from the University of Northern British Columbia (2005).

Ashu Gandhi, B.Comm. 96', M.A. P.S. 98'
Human Resources Advisor - Corporate Talent Acquisition and Planning, City of Calgary
Board Advisor, 2006-2014

Ron Singh, B.A. P.S. 90', M.A. Ec. 95'
Technologist, 2Create360
Board Advisor, 2005-2013

Dr. Cledwyn E. Lewis, Major RAMC, M.D.
Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (Grand Prarie Alberta), Polo Player (Ret 2015)
Advisor to the Founder, 1983-present

Byron Palmer photo Byron Palmer, Staff Sergeant NMMI (1962), B.S. Colorado State University, Denver
Fourth-Generation Professional Ranchman, Polo Player (Ret 2014')
Advisor to the Founder, 1982-present

Byron brings more than five decades of experience, with professional ranching from Palmeria Ranch (1969) in the Province of Alberta; from the Diller-Palmer Ranch (1886) in the State of Texas. Byron is a fourth-generation professional ranchman, specialized in animal husbandry; has made extensive custom log lodge/ranch homes all over North America; is a co-founder of the Black Diamond Polo Club in Black Diamond, Alberta (1999). Most notably, Laura and Byron Palmer's family have made thousands of horses.

Byron is an Advisor to the founder, is an active professional ranchman, and a polo player (retired).

Laura and Byron Palmer's family are committed to the preservation of animals and the history of hundreds of riders/players from all over the world, with an annual array of Hunter level jump courses; with an annual presentation of trophies from the Palmer family at polo tournaments.

Byron holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science with a major in Animal Husbandry from Colorado State University (1967); New Mexico Military Institute (1962).

Vegas Brand Rated 2nd in the United States by New York design agency, Landor Associates (2007). The internet served up the biggest winners among US brands last year - Source: Clark, Andrew. "Las Vegas is hot but Google is hotter" theguardian, Web, 5 January 2007 - Las Vegas, which is enjoying a tourism renaissance under the slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", slotted into second place.

Vegas Brand Rated 8th in the World by Saffron Brand Consultants (2014), "Here's a breakdown of how the list was compiled" · Total Strength Out of 20 - Source: Michael, Chris and Sedghi, Ami. "The world cities with the most powerful brands - get the data", theguardian, Web, 6 May 2014 - "To establish our list of the worlds most powerful city brands, we asked Saffron, a brand consultancy that prides itself on its expertise in urban branding, to update its 2008 study of European cities into an assessment of 57 major cities around the world." · Total: Vegas 15.2 - Source: Michael, Chris "From Milan to Mecca: the world's most powerful city brands revealed" theguardian Web, 6 May 2014 - "The inaugural Guardian Cities brand barometer ranks world cities on everything from transport and weather to crime and social 'buzz' ..." · Vegas tied for 8th Position Worldwide 2014.

Vegas Rated 8th in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration in Total Passenger Boarding (2016). - Source: "National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)", Federal Aviation Administration, United States Department of Transportation, Web 21 October 2016 - "North America's airports remain one of the busiest in the world, with several airports ranking amoung the world's top 20 airports for passengers and for cargo." - Source: "Airport Traffic Reports", Airports Council International - North America, 26 October 2017. - "Airports in North America also handle more aircraft movements than any other region worldwide."

'C' is Rated Number 1 Programming Language in the World (2016). Intended to echo the interests of the average Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member - Source: Cass, Stephen. "The 2016 Top Programming Languages, C is No. 1 but big data is still the big winner", Feature - Computing - Software, Spectrum IEEE, 26 July 2016 · Cached .pdf (150KB) - With more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries. Source: IEEE, "IEEE Membership", Memberships and Subscriptions Catalog, Spectrum IEEE, 2017 - 45 Societies and technical Councils and ten worldwide geographic regions. "The HP Integrity rx5670 cluster achieved 1,184,893.38 tpmC with a price/performance ratio of $5.52/tpmC." - Source: HP Inc. (2009, December 9). Oracle and HP Set World Record TPC-C Benchmark Result; First to Top 1 Million Transactions per Minute with Clustered HP Integrity Servers Running Linux. [Press Release] - "The result is over 50% faster than the nearest competitive hardware vendor and delivers better than a 30% improvement in price/performance. Today, we reaffirm that we will do our part to ensure that C-BYTE™ can meet its commitment." - Source: C-Byte Company, Inc. (2018, March 19). System Information 375 days uptime (Major Agreements & Related Reports). Las Vegas, Nevada : Vegas License International LLC. - "Hardware Information - Machine - server rx5670. The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) results for On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Decision Support (DSS) environments demonstrate the substantial price/performance gains of our next-generation systems." - Source: "The Proof - Developed and Delivered to International Standards - ISO/IEC Certification - C-Byte", ISO/IEC Certification, C-Byte Company, Inc. 1989-2018. - "The TPC benchmarks in OLTP and DSS are centered around principle activities (transactions) of specific environments, written in C."

"The Polo Kid is an accurate portrayal of the inner lives of rising young Americans in the world of polo." - Source: John H. Olson. "5.0 out of 5 Stars Young Americans Rise to Polo Stardom." Rev of The Polo Kid by Nathaniel McCullagh. 6 July 2010 Amazon Video. Web, DVD. - "Any prowess in it takes incredible horsemanship, dexterity and skills far more diverse than required in most other sports. There is no sport like it, the speed, the eye hand coordination." - Source: "The Polo Kid (Official Trailer)" Youtube, commentary by FilmBuff Movies, Web 7 May 2010 - "Discover if raw talent and pure determination can over come intimidating odds." - Source: The Polo Kid. Dir. Nathaniel McCullagh. Perf. Adolfo Cambiaso, Nach Figueras, Jordan Leigh, Miguelito Torres, Santiago Torres. FilmBuff Movies, 2009. Amazon Video. Web, DVD. - "Santiago Torres' journey takes him from the polo fields of California to Argentina, Florida, New York and Mexico."

"The Ultimate Proving Ground Trevor learned computer science, the same way he learned to play the B♭ Classical Clarinet, deep-end first." - Source : Biscope, Trevor D. (Board of Directors, C-Byte Company, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada). Letter from: The Chairman. 22 May 2017. - "At the age of 22, he found himself at the master hard-copy terminal of the country's eighth largest oil company - Renaissance Resources - as the only computer operator of a mainframe system that managed business worth over one billion dollars." - Source: Biscope, Trevor "ONReady™ - International (ISO/IEC) Master Programmer | Freelancer", Freelancer Technology, commentary by ONReady™, Web March 2003, · Cached (.cgi) 9 July 2012 - "5.0 ★★★★★★ 60 Reviews." - Source: " acquires Scriptlance", PR Newswire, Web 9 July 2012. - " acquires world's fifth largest freelance marketplace, rockets to over 4 million enterprise and professional users."

"A $2.58-billion [CAD] deal that would create one of Canada's largest oil and gas companies" - Source: Chase, Steven & Jang Brent. "Husky buying Renaissance" The Globe and Mail Web. 21 March 2009 Updated - "Husky's planned takeover of Renaissance will yield a combined company that ranks among the top six Canadian-headquartered energy firms, based on market capitalization, oil and gas production and gasoline retailing. South American nation Venezuela tops the list, followed closely by Saudi Arabia." - Source: Gulf Business. "Top 10 Countries With The World's Biggest Oil Reserves", Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB) Web. 28 April 2015 - "Canada's oil sands are a significant contributor to the recent growth in the world's liquid fuel supply and comprise the vast majority of the country's proven oil reserves."

"These individuals, flexible, creative, and with a bias toward action," - Source: Hoffman, Reid & Casnocha, Ben & Yeh, Chris. "The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age", Harvard Business Review Press, 8 July 2014. Print. - "thrive when they're on a specific 'tour of duty' - when they have a mission that's mutually beneficial to employee and company that can be completed in a realistic period of time."

"What I learned from working for Steve Jobs, I worked for Steve Jobs twice in my life, the first 1983 to 1987 in the MAC division, which was the largest collection of ego maniacs in the history of Silicon Valley." - Source: Kawasaki, Guy. "Lessons of Steve Jobs: Guy Kawasaki at TEDxUCSD", Youtube, commentary by TEDx Talks, 4 June 2013 - "The second was after the 1997, 1998 timeframe - so I had two 'tours of duty' with Steve."

"LinkedIn. Tesla. YouTube. Yelp. Yammer. SpaceX. What do all these companies have in common? All of them were founded by the alumni of a single company: PayPal" - Source: Hoffman, Reid. "Four Reasons to Invest in a Corporate Alumni Network", Business Talent Blog, LinkedIn Corporation, 1 September 2014. - "LinkedIn (the service) now hosts over 118,000 corporate alumni groups, including 98 percent of the Fortune 500."

"Began as a war game more than 2000 years ago, and one of the oldest team sports in history." - Source: Produced by McClellan, Max "The Sport of Kings", Youtube, commentary by CBS News, 26 August 2012 - "There was a time in this country, in the 1920's and 30's when polo could draw a crowd of 30,000 spectators and the U.S. was considered the best in the world."

"Polo is the game for true men of steel," Source: Chief Reporter Rayner, Gordon. "Is polo more dangerous than boxing? Prince compares injuries with Amir Khan", The Daily Telegraph Web 20 January 2015. · Cached .pdf (1.2MB) - "Khan, the former light welterweight world champion and Olympic silver medallist, has surely shed more blood in the name of sport."

Fred Mannix Jr. will compete in the semi finals in the Argentine Open Polo Championships, with his team Alegria. - Source: The Homestretch. "Inside the Argentine Open Polo Championships with Fred Mannix Jr." The CBC. Web 17 November 2017. - He is the highest ranked Canadian on the world polo tour. We caught up with him in Buenos Aires, "the never give up mentality! Very focused!"

July 2018

Biographies on the C-Byte website are based on the information that was most recently provided to C-Byte by the individual or their representatives. More current information may be available on the individuals' own websites or those of their representatives.

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