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HW Engineer ASIC Validation

How to apply

Work Location: NORTH AMERICA - Southfield, MI (Detroit)

Job Requisition: 1430

Description: Position Description: Intermediate Systems engineer responsible for the design, debugging, and validation of ASICs used in advanced server systems.

Essential Job Functions: Responsible for designing, developing and defining system requirements for complex electronics systems and sub-systems. Must determine system specifications, develop procedures, input/output processes and working parameters for hardware/software, and electronic packaging compatibility. May coordinate design of subsystems and integration of total system. Must Identify, analyze and resolve program support deficiencies. Use a Hardware Description Language (HDL-Verilog or VHDL) in design or validation of ASICs or Systems; Design, debug, and validation or microprocessor-based server systems; application of ASIC design methodology to verify the functional and electrical aspect of the design.

Marginal Job Functions: User experience with a Unix and or the Windows operating systems, experience using PC and standard office applications as part of the job, use and development of shell script languages such as PERL, Awk, or Sed.

Education: Requires a B.S. EE/CS degree or equivalent with a minimum of 2 years related experience.

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