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Data Center SAN SW Engineer

How to apply

Work Location: NORTH AMERICA - Edina, MN (Minneapolis)

Job Requisition: 1374

Description: This individual will be a member of the Data Center Systems Management team, specializing in configuration and diagnosis of FibreChannel-based storage systems. The key technology is SCSI over complex, multipathed, switched FibreChannel fabrics (FCP, FC-SW). A second important area is integration of FibreChannel storage technology with host-based data and volume administration. This person will become the team expert in these areas with both development and advisory/consulting responsibilities.

Essential job functions include:
Research and become expert in FibreChannel technical details, using a diverse set of documentation from many vendors and standards bodies, meetings with vendor representatives, and existing in-house expertise. The ability to quickly grasp and retain large amounts of complex information is essential. Reconcile the inconsistent terminology, presentations, and levels of detail of the diverse sources. Pursue research leads without explicit supervisory direction.

Clearly communicate capabilities and limitations of specific Data Center components for a range of in-house audiences. Good communication skills are crucial, including an ability to find the appropriate level of abstraction for a given audience. Written documentation and/or data models will be required, in addition to live presentations to small working groups. Both prose and (UML) diagramming skills are important.

Play a major role in defining an integrated approach to storage system diagnostics. The goals are to accurately identify a failed component, and define on-line diagnostics to identify probably failing components before outright failure.

Integrate current FibreChannel-focused zoning and LUN masking procedures with server OS actions for device (re)discovery and (de)configuration. Characterize specific host and application vulnerabilities to dynamic FibreChannel reconfiguration events. Design the sychronization necessary to cleanly reconfigure FibreChannel zones or LUN masking without unwanted service disruptions of transient IO errors. Assist in implementation of these extended configuration procedures.

Help define enterprise-level system management functions, especially related to storage systems. Work with corporate architects and engineering peers to define and prioritize desireable features, and help establish a technical roadmap for implementing those features.

Identify technical dependencies between products and projects and make sure those dependencies are communicated to all affected parties. Take responsibility for technical oversight of projects involving configuration or diagnosis of FibreChannel storage systems.

Requires a B.S. EE/CS degree or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years related experience.

To expedite the processing of your resume, please reference
1SQWEB:ENG on your cover sheet or in the subject line of
your e-mail.

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